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Satellite Reign's Trailer Re-Signals August 28th Release

On the rain-slick precipice of release.

I haven't played Satellite Reign's [official site] yet. It's been in Early Access since December last year but I'm excited enough for a spiritual successor to Syndicate that I decided to wait till its rain-slick streets and neon signs were at their moody best. That's now due to happen in ten days when the game launches on August 28th, and there's a new launch trailer below.

We already knew the release date and some of the scenes in the trailer above are old, but a few of them are new, and that's good enough for me when I'm this excited about playing a game. Here's Alec amping up my excitement from the Early access build late last year: "Experiencing first-hand just how well it’s already brought its concept to life has delighted me. This cyberpunk city is there, it seems huge and busy, and trekking through it is as difficult as I want to make it. It’s not Syndicate, because Syndicate never did anything on this scale: instead, it’s what Syndicate felt like back in DOStimes." Cor.

Satellite Reign was Kickstarted in 2013, getting just a little more than the $350,000 the team were asking for. The process ever since, through Early Access and now towards release, seems to have gone more smoothly than most crowdfunded projects. If you backed the project then you might want to check over on the game's official site, on which they make clear how you can claim your copy of the game if you haven't already, when you'll receive the remainder of your digital rewards, and when physical items such as boxed copies are likely to ship out.

The same post also details their ongoing localisation efforts, which will see the game translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech, but not "until a few weeks after the digital release."

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