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The 12 biggest highlights from the Starfield Direct

Everything you need to know about Bethesda's space faring RPG

We got a proper look at Starfield (which my brain autocorrects to "Garfield" every single time I read it) on Sunday thanks to a dedicated 45 minute long presentation that showcased the game's various systems, planets and characters in granular detail. 45 minutes is a long time to devote to one video game, you could argue. Todd Howard wasn't even wearing a leather jacket, which sort of felt like seeing Scooby Doo without his dog collar. Like, I'd still know it's Scooby Doo, but it wouldn't look right, you know?

Anyway, all this is to say that the presentation was long. If you're still interested in finding out what was revealed but don't have the time to watch it, however, then good news! I have created a shorter video that highlights the 12 most exciting new details Bethesda showcased as part of the Starfield direct. That's cool, isn't it? Who needs Todd Howard when you can listen to me, a tired man wearing an unironed t-shirt, telling you about the game instead.

There's a lot to cover. Hosted by multiple members of Bethesda Game Studios from various departments, the Direct covered combat, character creation, space flight, space combat, procedurally generated planets, handcrafted cities, creepy alien lifeforms and adoring fans. I talk about all these things - and more - in the video above.

If you're still looking for more Starfield, we've got you covered. Graham suspects exploration in Starfield is akin to searching a quarry for the best piece of gravel, whereas James has offered his thoughts on the game's recently revealed system requirements.

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