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Starfield will get at least one more expansion after Shattered Space, Todd Howard says

Studio hopes to follow their annual DLC release cycle

New gear from Starfield's Shattered Space expansion
Image credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s first expansion, this year’s Shattered Space, won’t be the only major DLC for the sci-fi exploration game, Bethesda bossman Todd Howard has confirmed.

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Discussing Starfield with YouTuber MrMattyPlays, Howard revealed that Shattered Space started “actual” development after the team wrapped up work on Starfield’s base game, meaning it’s been in the works since August-September time last year.

Howard also compared the scope and focus of the expansion - which largely takes place in one city on a single planet - to Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC and The Elder Scrolls.

“It allows us to build a landscape like we would traditionally do and have the city and the quest and so [on],” Howard said. “It lets us kind of do some things the way we would in previous games and give people- not completely that experience, because it's still Starfield - [but] this new kind of alien world that you're able to explore.”

Howard referred to Shattered Space as being in the vein of Bethesda’s other “annual story expansions”, adding that the developers hope to release additional content for Starfield for “a very long time". That means we’ll see at least one more big expansion, with Howard saying that the team “more or less” plan to put out annual DLC in a similar way to their previous games.

“We're planning for the one after [Shattered Space], so there will be another one,” Howard then confirmed.

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He later added that DLC wouldn’t “answer every question” about Starfield’s universe, but would instead be approached with the perspective of “What do we want to add to the game as far as an experience or a tone or those kinds of things?”

Shattered Space, at least, will delve into the secretive world of House Va'Ruun and its city of Dazra, with mention of some kind of cosmic threat. There’ll be new gear and other goodies too, natch. We’ll find out more when it releases later this year, having had a first proper peek during Summer Game Fest.

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