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Players will get to join a rag-tag group of space explorers in Starfield

Constellation want to answer humanity's biggest questions

A woman wearing a red leather jacket stands in an office filled with artifacts in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda

You'll be meeting lots of NPCs on your jaunt around space in Starfield, but during the dedicated Starfield presentation as part of not-E3, we got a look at one group of rag-tag space folks in more detail - Constellation.

Described in the showcase as a team that's sort of a "mythical group" and "the last true explorers in the galaxy." Their whole deal is that they're trying to grapple with humanity's biggest questions and are on big ol' space quest to find answers. They're concerned with weird artifacts, ancient alien intelligence, and a bunch of other space anthropological happenings.

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For part of this roster of space nerds you've got solder-turned-adventurer and Constellation's leader Sarah, theologian Matteo, scientist and Sarah's protege Noelle, Walter, an uppity businessman who funds Constellations expeditions, ex-pirate Vlad, a former space cowboy called Sam, and Barret - who looks like just a dude in a spacesuit.

I'm surprised that there aren't any cool alien folks on the crew. Surely that's, like, a staple of a rag-tag space team? Like at least a cool alien dog or something. Maybe there's an in-game explanation for that - we'll have to wait and see. Your bumping into Constellation is just the first of many adventures, so hopefully there'll be more cool aliens as you venture into the galaxy.

The Starfield Direct lasted for almost an hour, so plenty more stuff was revealed. If you'd like to find out more about what was shown, you can check out our Starfield tag for more. The game itself is out on September 6th.

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