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Our favourite scary moments in PC gaming

Team RPS recount tales of terror around a digital campfire

Boo! Did I startle you? GOOD. I'm currently competing for the title of trickster-in-chief here at RPS, and I'm never going to have a chance of receiving this promotion unless I reach my daily scare quota. If only there was a way I could package together a collection of scary stories as told my colleagues and claim them all as my own.

Aha! I got you again! They don't call me the Merry Trickster Of UK PC Gaming Websites for nothing! You've been Halloween'd, my friends! To celebrate spooky season, I gathered seven members of the RPS treehouse to tell me about one moment from a PC game that scared them the most. The results were exactly as I expected. Some recounted events in classic horror games that shocked them senseless, whereas others told me anecdotes about games that most wouldn't consider scary at all. The result is seven tales of spooks that are sure to chill your bones this All Hallows' Eve.

In the video above, you'll find this compendium of terrifying ordeals. Gasp in horror as you hear what Katharine discovered in the basement of Resident Evil Village's House Beneviento! Recoil in terror at Ollie's tales of surviving the garden in Grounded! Scream out loud as Rebecca reveals all about Shivers, an obscure 90s adventure game! Pass out as Rachel talks about Gnomes in Puzzle Agent! Still got the stomach for more? James is here to talk about what lurks in Far Cry 3's waters, Alice Bee warns us about the haunted hotel in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Hayden is terrified of the older generation in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Don't say I didn't warn you!

You might be thinking, "Liam! What's your favourite scary moment in PC gaming?". Well, that's a good question, considering I forgot to actually answer the question myself within the video. Again. I think the scariest thing I ever experienced was the Halloween level in Theme Park World. I was a young 'un when I first played it, and the music alone made me panic so much I used to avoid the park completely. Due to the way levels in the game were unlocked, this meant I couldn't actually progress to the game's final space-themed stage, which was a cause of great distress to me at the time. What an embarrasing thing to admit. Anyway, moving on.

When you're done, do make sure to check out the horrifying collection of Halloween lists we've been publishing in the run up to the big day. There's some absolute corkers in there, including a list of games for those among us who aren't huge fans of things that go bump in the night. We also have our more traditional list of the best horror games on PC if you're looking for to scare yourself senseless this evening.

No, I don't want to talk about intro to this video. Let's forget it ever happened. Cheers.

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