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Capcom say PC will remain their “main platform” as mobile releases ramp up with Resident Evil on iPhone

But would “gracefully decline” a buyout offer from Microsoft

While Capcom looks to ramp up their presence on mobile with the incoming release of Resident Evil 4 and Village on iPhone, as well as the Pokemon Go-like Monster Hunter Now, the publisher’s president has promised that PC will remain a central focus.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto told Bloomberg that Capcom aims to sell 100 million copies of their games in the space of one year, and acknowledged that “high quality” mobile releases - including Resident Evil’s much-touted appearance on the iPhone 15 Pro - were a key part of hitting that goal. Even so, Tsujimoto insisted that PC would stay at the forefront of any future Capcom plans.

“For many years, PC has been our main platform,” Tsujimoto said. “We are currently selling in 230 countries and regions through this PC platform.

“While we will continue to use the PC as our main platform, I hope to achieve our 100-million-copies goal with contribution from triple-A-type titles on smartphones.”

Lady Dimitrescu towers above the player in a grand hallways in Resident Evil Village

While a presence on PC is clearly important to Capcom, Tsujimoto said that the publisher would reject any acquisition deal from Microsoft in the wake of the record Activision buyout, as well as likely resisting any urge to acquire companies itself.

“Rathering than acquiring an outside company, we prefer organic growth,” the COO said, adding that Capcom was previously a “target” in industry mergers and acquisitions discussions. “It is important to train and develop human resources in-house in order to carry out growth strategies.

“I also believe we can utilise external partners, but we have no intention of acquiring companies."

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When it comes to any offer from Microsoft specifically, Tsujimoto said, “I would gracefully decline the offer because I believe it would be better if we were equal partners.”

Tsujimoto’s comments come on the back of record success for the company, no doubt helped by the glowing reception to Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6. As well as its more storied series, the publisher has also been making more efforts to bring some of its older games to PC for the first time, including Ghost Trick and Apollo Justice.

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