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Cyborg Pals: Satellite Reign Launches Co-op Mode

Futurecrimes With Friends

A syndicate of one is no syndicate at all. It's a small business at best. Something you run on the kitchen table. An Etsy store, maybe. No, if you want to be a syndicate - a megacorp - you really need cool killer cyborg pals. So huzzah! After a stretch in open beta, the Syndicate-inspired tactical cybersquad action of Satellite Reign [official site] is launching its four-player co-op. Four isn't quite enough to be a syndicate but it's perhaps enough to consider hiring a small office in an arcology.

Satellite Reign's Kickstarter campaign fell short of the stretch goal to add a co-op campaign but hey, developers 5 Lives Studios have been working on it anyway. They launched co-op into open beta in June, and this week it's live in the main version of the game.

Now you and your pals can take to the neon-lit streets of our grim dystopian future together, which I'd imagine means you can pull off canny plans with greater skill as you don't have to control all four agents yourself. Or so I'd imagine. I'll have to round up some folks and see how it works out. Maybe four players means more mayhem and tomfoolery. That's probably it, isn't it?

Satellite Reign, to refresh your memory, is a squad-based tactical action game set in the grim dystopian future, where you lead a small team of cyborgs robbing, killing, and generally getting up to no good. Read what Adam made of it.

Satellite Reign is half-price on Steam for a fortnight too, down to £11.49/13,99€/$14.99.

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Satellite Reign

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