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Satellite Reign Storming Early Access In December

Hack the planet. Or blow it up.

You and your squad find yourselves in a neon alleyway somewhere in a dangerous electro-future and set out into the night. Your hacker hacks doors and cash machines, your infiltrator sneaks through difficult areas, while your support man heals and your soldier does what soldiers do - he shoots things real good. You're a formidable team, and one with the option to tackle missions in a number of different ways. I can imagine why our Jim had such a good time recently shooting, bargaining, sneaking and hacking his way through the cyberpunk dystopia of Satellite Reign.

It's a shame that only Kickstarter backers have a chance to try the game out before release. Oh wait! Satellite Reign will enter Steam Early Access some time in December. Here's a new trailer:

Satellite Reign is looking really interesting for a game as far away from launch as it is. I'm personally a fan of any game that has the kind of versatility that it will let you shoot your way through an area, or sneak through it, or hack through it, or bribe your way through it, or simply talk your way through. Options for how to tackle any given task are good, game developers; we like it when you give us a few. Time will tell if it comes together as a finished game, but what is currently available to Kickstarter backers sure sounds reassuring.

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