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Flocked Off: Gathering Sky Hits PC Next Week

Birds of a feather

Gathering Sky [official site] is one of the chillest games I've ever seen, the sort of thing that should be required viewing for anyone dealing with the stress symptoms of spending any time whatsoever in one of those famous Gamescom horror-queues. The zen, it seeps out, it makes touches my heart like a cheeky wink from the Dalai Lama. Gathering Sky is a little top-down project from an indie studio called A Stranger Gravity. The idea is that you control a flock of birds, gently direct their course, watch as other birds join them and gently steer them away from harm.

John got a hands-on of the game a couple of months ago, describing the game as having no particular goals, no puzzles to solve, no targets to reach. "it is very bare. But it's also meant to be" he said. The world itself is woven together - earth, sky and stars - and the point, says the studio, is to explore. More specifically, "[t]he sky is not a place to conquer," reads a blurb from the team, "but a place to discover and play."

The game is set to launch on August 13th and you can check it out in action below:

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