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Fingered: Binding Of Isaac Dev's Tiny Whodunnit

Giving the finger

Edmund McMillen (him off The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy) has announced he will have a tiny whodunnit game out on 18 August called Fingered [Steam page].

I watched the trailer and was none the wiser but the Steam page is far more traditional as game explanations go. What you can expect is a crime line-up game where you need to pick the criminals based on witness information within a time limit. Or as the game puts it: "you must finger the guilty and clean up this darn city using the descriptions of the local busy bodies".

I like that the game seems to have a sense of witness unreliability - "everyone's perspective is different: one man's fat is another man's sexy!" It also features defining traits like "subtle penis" - I just want to know what that even means. I'm not one hundred percent clear on how the punishment works as one of the screenshots mentions a sentence of "1,000 years in the belly of a whale" but the rest of the description does make it sound like everyone you deem to be guilty gets sent to the electric chair.

The project is a collaboration with McMillen's familiar trailer artist, James Id which started as a game jam project and then expanded.

Apparently it'll be $1.87 on Steam (Section 187 being the part of the California Penal Code defining murder and thus a slang term for the crime itself).

A handy currency converter tells me it is about £1.20 in UK money (FYI section 120 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing act of 2014 is about the offence of breaching a forced marriage protection order. I tried to find out what the pricing would be based on a UK law definition of murder but that might be rather difficult as apparently there is no legal definition in our statutes).

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