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Satellite Rush Demo Is For The '80s TV Generation

Put on a fightshow for aliens

I have these memories of a movie called Arena; Paul Satterfield, a guy who fellow late-night TV viewers should know best for his role in the'80s masterpiece Creepshow 2, becomes a competitor in an intergalactic boxing sport in the year 4,000. It's a classic story: a space station short order cook beats the odds and is revealed to be Earth's greatest warrior.

It's the sort of bolshy space fantasy that can only work in two formats: weird '80s movies relegated to the Netfix afterlife and video games. Satellite Rush [official site] is in many ways the long-lost twin of Arena. It's a roguelike shooter where you play a normal schlub and alien abductee who is at the center of an alien sport where the aim is simply to get to the other side of the corridor. Players get thrown items to assist them, with the added option of dedicating Boss victories to alien sponsors for power-ups.

In other words, the aim is partly just to survive but also to put on a decent show. You can download a nice lil' demo right over here, and watch the latest gameplay video below:

Watch on YouTube

The demo itself features a few experimental ideas that may not make the final release, as well as some finalised ideas. It's a teaser for their Kickstarter campaign. Developers Kimeric Labs are currently looking for $18,000 in funding, planning a March 2016 launch.

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