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Sealab 2015: Subnautica's Habitat Update

Down in the deep dark sea

I've had Subnautica [official site] for a while now, but only got around to installing it this weekend. As it continues to ascend out of Steam Early Access, the undersea explore 'em up has spat out a big update with a few things that made me want to dive in. For starters, undersea bases can now have all the cool glass corridors and viewing domes that really set off a seahome look. On top of that, it's got an eerie new reef biome hundreds of metres down, and I do dig unearthly dark waters.

Best of all: you can put a little fish tank in your base to keep pet fish.

This vid from developers Unknown Worlds goes over the new and shiny in the 'Habitat' update:

It's not all decoration. Safety-wise, you can now drop in bulkhead doors to compartmentalise your creations to protect against flooding. Power generation has been overhauled too, with new solar, plant-powered, thermal, and nuclear options linked together by transmitters. If you want those nuclear reactors, though, you'll need to go down into the new Grand Reef zones.

Found at depths from 200-450 metres, this dark reef looks to have lots of odd bioluminescent life, bubbles, jellies, and other oddities, not to mention a few nasties. It's the reef of my dreams.

I ended up too busy to dive down this weekend, but I'm keen to get into Subnautica. Early Access games seem to easily slip down my playing priorities, as I know there'll be more to come anyway. The game's £14.9 at the moment, though do remember the usual disclaimers about early access games. We sent Marsh down back in January and he enjoyed the exploration after turning off its survival elements, and I imagine I'll do the same. I want to explore a weird ocean, not craft.

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