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Come Play Terraria With Us Again!

How To Get Involved

Back on the 8th of August, we announced some upcoming events on our Terraria [official site] server.

It's been a crazy three weeks and after some recent downtime due to a patch to the client, RPS' Terraria scene is back and better than ever - with twice the fun on offer thanks to the birth of a twin server. Our hardworking admins are working around to clock to get new players registered, and there's still room for more. Come get involved, again!

In case you missed the post earlier in the month: it turned out to be really popular. The main thread jumped from 100 to 1,000 posts and it's full of keen idealists, ready to shape the huge world to their liking.

An Eventful Time

The weekend that post went up was crazy. The Saturday saw a barmy introduction for the server's newcomers, showing off some of the elaborate buildings and map-spanning mass transit systems sculpted by other members.

Sunday was vastly more chaotic, as the server swelled to maximum capacity as we prepared for the weekly boss attempt. It was time for Skeletron, a floating skull and hands that guarded access to the world's dungeon.

Despite supposedly being quite an easy boss, Skeletron slaughtered our small horde over and over, and we were barely able to scratch at its boney, pale head. For five in-game nights we tackled the beast, and when the morning came it rampaged through our force of 32, bouncing between fighters before flying off into the sunrise.

After an hour of butting heads with the demonic dungeon defender, we took a break to dress ourselves in decent armour, collect stars to use as ammo and gather up guns that shoot hornets. We even managed to drag in a couple of other nicely-geared veterans to help out.

The attempt afterwards was exhilarating. Through a combination of clobbering with axes, yo-yos and bees, we managed to finish the fiend with seconds left on the clock before rampage mode was due to kick in.

The feeling of coming together to tackle a huge, overpowered boss with over 30 other players was a great experience, conveying memories of raiding in MMOs. Don't just take it from me though:

The next Sunday was to be our attempt on the Wall of Flesh, a boss marking a significant increase in difficulty that brings notable changes to the world. Unfortunately, we were hit with a patch and the server's only just come back online. The next couple of days will be spent building an arena to fight the Wall of Flesh in, along with ensuring everyone due to take part in the battle has sufficient equipment to survive.

Current Status

As mentioned above, the original server is back online and its players are preparing to take on the Wall of Flesh this weekend. If you signed up to play before Tuesday the 11th, it's likely that your account's on this server. Check your private message inbox on the forum for your login details and go forge your own place in the world - or help others! If you need new gear for your character, make sure you ask in chat if anyone wants to try kill a boss with you; there's quite a few which are now farmable.

This original server is known as the 'Red' server. Likely because you'll be seeing a bloodsplattered screen a lot due to hardmode hopefully kicking in after Sunday's boss kill. There's lots of communal infrastructure and items to help get started, with still loads of room to set up your own place (if you're so inclined).

Image from seanos1998 on the forum.

If you registered in the thread after last Tuesday, you're likely assigned to the new server, which is due to start out with a fresh map - ripe for plundering. This latest server, 'Blue', will be home to hundreds of new players that will experience killing the bosses in order from the beginning.

The New Server Launches Friday 21st August

That's... today! At 8PM British time (we're currently on GMT+1), the floodgates will open and welcome in potentially hundreds of fresh players over the weekend. This server will ultimately mirror the pre-existing one, including new boss kills at the same time every Sunday evening. This means that while the Reds take on a meaty barricade on Sunday, the Blues will be poking out a giant eye - like separate, almost-parallel 2D universes.

Although this server isn't live until tonight, the dedicated admins have ensured that everyone who registered to play in the last week has user accounts, so you can start mining, farming and building from 8PM. Check your private message inboxes on the forum!

How To Join

Post in this forum thread with your character name and a little bit of information about yourself. Please remember that you need to be starting with a fresh character, and you're not permitted to bring any outside materials onto either server. We're quite strict about this; it helps ensure everyone stays on roughly the same level.

Image by jazz_massive.

That's the same reason why we only kill new bosses on a set time every week. Once a boss has been defeated on a specific server, it means you're free to farm it (on the same server). You can keep track of which bosses have been killed on what server in the first post of the thread. That contains a lot of other useful information too (including our other rules), so please make sure you give it a look before posing any questions.

If you've previously posted for an invite but haven't yet received one, pop another entry in the thread and we'll get you signed up.

And Finally...

Special thanks go out to Multiplay (who are providing both servers), Graham (for getting them set up), and admins Zanchito, Dewi and Cei for managing the servers alongside the forum threads.

We also owe huge gratitude to those players who have been waiting almost two weeks to play with us; it's been a long wait, but hopefully your patience will have paid off.

See you in Terraria!

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