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Follow The Flagduke To New Mount & Blade II Videos

Board games and siege weapons

I think of Gamescom as the most PC gaming-friendly of the major games conventions, which may largely come from being hosted in Germany, the land of oddball simulators. One of the most PC Gaming of PC Games is Mount & Blade, the open-world sandbox action-strategy-everything-RPG about building armies and ruling lands in medieval kingdoms. If you could sweep its dirt streets yourself and compose for tavern minstrels, it'd be The PC Game.

We didn't hear much from Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord [official site] at E3, that land of gleaming PlayBoxes, but developers TaleWorlds have plenty to say at Gamescom. Or to show, really. Come check out two trailers, one showing off its engine and the other snippets of gameplay:

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I like the order that this trailer focuses on features in. "Weather! We've got weather! Seasons too! And how about... board games! Yeah, that's right, you can play board games in taverns! Oh, yeah, and I guess you can deploy siege weapons and craft your own swords, but here comes the grand finale: you can edit replays of battles to make swanky videos!"

This second video focuses on the technical side of things, for folks who enjoy knowing a bit about what they're seeing comes together:

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This seemed familiar to me at first, but I might just be thinking of last year's editor video because hey, it's a tech video.

TaleWorlds still won't say when they plan to release Bannerlord.

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