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Where The Hell Was I?

Losing the plot with story games

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [official site] is almost upon us and I am eyeing it fearfully. Not because I'm afraid of boxes or anything weird. I love boxes. I used to drag big tray-style boxes home from Tesco as a child and go on voyages across the living room carpet using cardboard tubes as oars or punting sticks (apparently these are called poles or quants depending on the exact construction). Sometimes when friends have moved house and are assembling big new furniture I will come round to "help" and scope out the boxes the furniture arrived in to see if I could climb inside them and make a fort. THAT is how okay I am with boxes. No. This fear is because I know that I now have a very small window of time in which to finish Arkham Knight.

The problem here is that I have an absolutely terrible memory in some respects. I can remember conversations with friends from years ago, family car license plates back as far as the late eighties, I can name the entire casts of reality shows (some in eviction order) and yet if I allow a weekend to pass without playing more of a story game I completely forget where I am and what I was doing.

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