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Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion Due Sept 24th

Baby, when the lights go out...

Based on my experiences with Hollyoaks Later, Baywatch Nights, and Late Night Woman's Hour, I expect the Cities: Skylines [official site] expansion 'After Dark' to focus on drug addiction, werewolves, and online dating. According to both Adam's preview and a press release before me announcing a release date, that is untrue. But do you believe everything you read on the Internet?

Come September 24th, we can investigate for ourselves whether it does really add day and night cycles, night life, taxis, and other after-dark odds and ends - or picking up drugged-out werewolves on Tinder.

Accompanying the release date announcement is the first part of a dev diary, which has a few new screenshots goes over the basics of night time. Not the very basics - you won't find an answer to why the stars wake up just when you and the sun are preparing to sleep (let me know if you know, btw) - but, you know, stuff about what happens to people and traffic at night.

Adam's preview is the thing to read if you want to know about After Dark, though.

After Dark is due September 24th on Windows, Mac, and Linux, costing $14.99 or whatever that works out to in your local cash money.

Maybe it will replace the in-game fake Twitter with fake Tinder.

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