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Final Cities: Skylines expansion adds hotels and tourist resorts

Future focus turns to Cities: Skylines 2

Cities: Skylines 2 was announced in March and is due for release later this year. As a result, the next expansion for Cities: Skylines is also its last. Hotels & Retreats is a "mini-expansion" that adds hostels, cabins, hotels and luxury resorts to make your city friendlier to tourists.

Here's the announcement trailer:

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Players will start with one-star hotels and unlock more impressive destinations as their revenue grows. The expansion will also add an array of tourism-oriented buildings including restaurants, parks and playgrounds, and five new maps on which to build all the aforementioned.

Hotels & Retreats will release on May 23rd and its Steam page is live now with more screenshots.

Colossal Order also announced the final three Content Creator Packs - which are collections of themed buildings created by the community. For the past several releases, these packs have focused on a "World Tour" designed to help you make your city reflect different real world locations. The tour finishes with Railroads Of Japan, which adds authentic trains, buses and strations; Brooklyn & Queens packs, which adds medium-rise buildings inspired by the New York boroughs; and the Industrial Revolution pack, whihc adds industrial buildings inspired by different eras of history.

These packs will also release on May 23rd, alongside two new radio stations dedicated to piano music and '90s pop hits respectively.

Not much has been shared about Cities: Skylines 2 so far, although some leaked achievements suggest it'll feature larger cities and new disasters.

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