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Cities: Skylines 2's achievements hint at larger cities and disasters

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A top-down view of a developed city, complete with high ride buildings, with the Cities: Skylines 2 logo floating above
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Cities: Skylines 2 was announced yesterday, with a CG trailer and scant details aside from it being in some way "revolutionary". If you hunger for something more concrete about how it might differ from its predecessor, as I do, then you might be interested in an apparently leaked list of achievements that contains details of disasters, weather, embiggened map sizes and more.

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As spotted by PC Gamer, the seemingly full list of Xbox achievements is available via both Xbox Achievements and True Achievements.

One of those achievements is called "Everything the Light Touches," which is awarded when a player unlocks 150 map tiles in a single city. The first Cities: Skylines maps had a maximum of 81 map tiles, of which 25 were buildable, although players could only build on a maxium of nine within a single city. 150 is a step up, then.

Other achievements make reference to hailstorms, tornadoes and forest fires - the latter two of which were only added to the original Cities: Skylines via its Natural Disasters DLC. There's also a "Zero Emission" achievement, awarded for building a city entirely powered by renewable energy sources, and others which celebrate using an editor to make a map or any non-map asset. All of those sound interesting to me.

I love Cities: Skylines and citybuilders in general, so I'm eager for really any information I can get about the sequel. I have a long list of things I hope it does, like more distinct neighbourhoods, mixed zoning, and the ability to build cities not entirely structured around cars. Whatever it does, it feels as if it needs to offer something to offset the transition from heavily-expanded, heavily-modded Skylines to a sequel that will presumably, initially at least, be less content rich.

Paradox also announced a new game from the Shadowrun and BattleTech devs and Life By You, a Sims competitor from former Sims developer Rod Humble.

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