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Lovely city-builder Cities: Skylines is free on Epic right now

You have one week to grab a free copy

An illuminated city at night in a Cities: Skylines screenshot.
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The latest weekly giveaway on the Epic Games Store is a nice one, with Cities: Skylines free for keepsies if you grab it by next Thursday. First released in 2015, it's a city-building game that's quite nice to play around with, putting your utopian visions and public transport dreams into practice or simply seeing if you can do better than your local planners (council? more like clowncil, eh? right? eh? that's them told).

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The strategy layer of Skylines isn't super-great but it's a lovely game for building nice cities, watching them bustle away, and seeing what happens when you poke, prod, and get carried away with silly massive infrastructure projects. I have seen too many poo lagoons.

We've slathered Cities: Skylines in Bests across the years. We've called it one of the best games of the 2010s, the best building games, the best non-violent games, the best management games... it's good, y'see?

Hie thee to the Epic Games Store before 4pm (8am Pacific) on Thursday the 17th to grab a free copy of Cities: Skylines. Its regular price is £23, so that's nice.

After that, next week's Epic freebie will be In Sound Mind. Alice Bee played a demo of that first-person horror game a year before its 2021 launch, and said it "adds interesting twists to the ol' 'insanity, hiding and mannequins' formula". For free, absolutely I'll look at how it turned out.

Publishers Paradox also announced this week that Cities: Skylines is coming to Stadia in the spring, news which might thrill as many as six people.

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