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Cities: Skylines reveals its last content roadmap after 8 years of support

The last stops arrive in March and May

After 8 years of mega city-building, developer Colossal Order are moving onto their sequel Cities: Skylines 2, but the first game isn’t done just yet. Paradox have announced a roadmap for Cities: Skylines which will receive its last few content drops over the next few months. After taking us to Korea, Cities: Skylines will continue its world tour with three new Content Creator Packs on March 22nd - next Wednesday - and a Colossal Order-developed mini-expansion in May.

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Next week’s Content Creator Packs include Africa In Miniature which is adding 28 new buildings inspired by the continent's diverse architecture. Sports Venue is bringing big stadiums and community sports parks to the game, complete with animations for baseball and football (the American and normal kind.) Finally, Shopping Malls adds 60 assets that’ll let your citizens splurge in various shops and fictional fast-food chains.

The packs are accompanied by three themed radio stations: JADIA, 80’s Movies Tunes, and Pop-Punk, adding over 40 new tracks to jam out to while you build your ideal metropolis. Although, I find that city-builders are quite good podcast games. A free update will also launch on March 22nd to improve the game’s transport systems.

A roadmap with tiled artwork for Cities: Skylines' content packs for March and May

As for May, the roadmap reveals three more packs: Industrial Evolution, Brooklyn And Queens, and Railroads Of Japan, with two more radio stations. The mini-expansion is called Vacation With Us, but aside from its sunny holiday theme, no concrete details have been revealed yet.

That’s all for Cities: Skylines, a game that’s received substantial support over the years, flinging itself onto our list of the best management games on PC. Paradox have committed to general support for the rest of 2023, but with Cities: Skylines 2 incoming, it’s time to pass the torch.

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