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Cities: Skylines Humble Bundle contains six years of DLC

More than 90% off

My favourite kind of Humble Bundle isn't a collection of games, most of which I'll never get round to playing. It's a bundle of a single game I like with lots and lots of discounted DLC.

Enter the Cities Skylines Colossal Collection, which offers up Cities: Skylines, 9 expansions and 21 add-ons for £16.22/$20/€18.95.

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Cities: Skylines is heir to the SimCity throne: a citybuilder about zoning residential, commercial and industry districts and then trying to manage the needs of your residents as they flock to town. Years of expansions have added further depth to its simulation, letting you build mass transit systems, new kinds of industry, greener cities, or watch your whole city be destroyed by umpteen natural disasters.

The Colossal Collection contains all the expansions up through 2021's Sunset Harbor. That means it's only missing a handful of recently released content packs and the Airports DLC released back in January. The bundle does include a 20% discount voucher should you want to complete your collection by buying those, however.

If you added all the items in the bundle together and tried to buy them on Steam they'd cost you £194.80. So £16.22 is a pretty good discount. There are small bundles available if you only want to buy a selection of the DLC, and the offer is available over at Humble for the next 19 days.

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