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God Game Crest Wants To Make Monthly Content

The developers at Eat Create Sleep managed to tame that wild horse crowdfunding a little over a year ago. In 2014, using Indiegogo they raised just over $21,000 to create an interactive god game called Crest [official site] - where players take on the role of an unseen force who can express commandments to its island denizens, which can be interpreted and misinterpreted by followers to dire consequence. The game is in Early Access until sometime this December, say its makers, and they've already have some ideas on how to fund some regular content before and after release.

Here's the plan: Eat Create Sleep is adopting a stretch goal system that will see the game expand through modules. The game will remain the same price as before - £3.99 / $4.99 - with additional financing from sales of its soundtrack and art book - £1.53 / $1.99. If, by the end of each month, they've accumulated enough funding, the team will create new content for the next month.

"Now, we don’t ask you to buy the game again," say its devs. "We ask you to spread the game in your channels as much as you are able. We have also talked about adding DLC to the steam page such as art book, soundtrack and the like. These would in essence be support packages where we give something in return.

"Apart from that we’ve brainstormed about about physical goods such as hand drawn drawings and/or paintings (watercolour) depicting scenes and characters from Crest."

You can read about what sort of modules are planned for Crest right here. Marty had a play of the game just a couple of weeks ago in our Crest Premature Evaluation and found that it needed more work.

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