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Half-Line Miami: A Top-Down Arcadey Approach To Half-Life 2

Stick to your gravity guns

I have just booted up Half-Line Miami [official site] - a mashup of Hotline Miami and Half-Life as created by student Thomas Kole.

As someone who has never really played Half-Life 2 or Hotline Miami (I did about one level of Hotline Miami at a demo booth one time and apparently own it on this here PC - who knew? As for the Half-Life games, I played the original until a bit where you have to climb into a ceiling vent which you reach by dragging a box over. I'd killed something directly below the vent and their corpse became an immovable object so I couldn't put the box in the right place to climb up. After trying all the solutions I could think of I gave up rather than restart at my last save which was ages away. I tried the second game as part of the Orange Box on XBox 360 and got as far as Water Hazard.) I feel well placed to explain Half-Line Miami.

Watch on YouTube

From my limited experience I'd describe it as more a Half-Life 2 version of Hotline Miami. By that I mean the top down perspective, the loud, rowdy graphics and music and the graphical style are rooted in Hotline Miami. The fact that your weapon is a gravity gun and the setting of the opening level is the rail station thing is where Half-Life comes in. It was far clunkier to control than Miami, from what I remember, because you're sucking up objects like rubbish bins and briefcases with the right mouse button then throwing them at enemies with the left. The extra step in that process makes it far less smooth than bullets and cudgels would be.

I also did not encounter any hinged doors with which to smash other people so far. I believe that was a Hotline Miami thing, yes?

BUT it was a fun thing to poke about in and I'm guessing the nostalgic pull for the Half-Life 2 devotees amongst you (I've heard it was Quite The Thing back in the day) might make it rather a nice playspace to inhabit on your Friday night. Here's the link to the free download page.

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