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Lego Worlds Adds Underwater Exploration

Under the sea

Screenshot by Skywilly

LEGO Worlds [official site] has added the capacity for underwater exploration to its Early Access game thanks to a second content update. There are also a whole bunch of other bits and bobs included in the update but underwater is by far the most interesting to me.

The aspect of Lego Worlds which appealed most when I read Marsh's Premature Evaluation of the game was the biomes:

"There are haunted woods of gnarled trees, and jutting graves, roamed by zombies and dapper looking vamps. I ride polar bears across the tundra, find a dragon, and fly him through a desert, chargrilling cowboys to bits amid ruddy outcrops of mesa."

It wasn't enough to tempt me to pick up the game (I like watching what others build in Minecraft-type games rather than doing it myself) but I was into the idea of more specific flavours of geography than I'd found in Minecraft. I'm wondering how far that will extend to the underwater world.

Will you get haunted kelp forests? Coral reefs? Rockpool-encrusted shorelines? Murky ponds? Or will it be one big blue expanse?

From what I've seen it's leaning towards a blue expanse but peppered with scenery and things you might be able to interact with. One screenshot I've seen involves a player and an underwater barbeque (the image at the top of this post actually) but it looks like there is also a shipwreck in the background and various corals and plants. Another image involves a lantern-lit exploration of a submerged ruin.

I'm also a big fan of Baile nam Fonn's screenshot work here:


To explore you'll need either a submarine or to play as a character who can breathe underwater or doesn't need to breathe at all.

Other additions to the game at this point include: a revamped discovery system, an in-game camera item, interface tweaks, abilities (although the devs are being coy on that front), a map and more. The full list is over on the Steam page along with the bug fixes.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I think the saddest bug fix is this one:

"Fixed an issue that allowed planes to spawn in caves"

No more caveplanes :(

Lego Worlds is still in Early Access so the usual caveat of "only pick this up if you would be happy for it to never get any further than it is right now" applies.

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