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Block Party: LEGO Worlds Adds Online Multiplayer

Brick buddies

After a year of block-building in Early Access, LEGO Worlds [official site] is finally adding online multiplayer as part of Update 6. A beta version is now live so you and one pal can partner up/fall out forever in each other's worlds, making use of the update's other additions - such as a first-person camera view and grappling hooks - as you see fit. More on the update, how to join the beta, and an E3-flavoured multiplayer trailer below.

Watch on YouTube

The grappling hooks around the 1.21 mark there look pretty neat. Again, they're new in Update 6, so too is the aforementioned first person camera. Simplified 'Rotational' vehicle controls - where movement is "defined by a button press, rather than pointing in a direction" - have also been added, as well as new road tiles and a couple of new quests. Here's developer TT Games on that last part:

"Set up your cities and towns road networks (and help solve the problem that is the British M6 whilst you’re at it for bonus points!) We've also thrown in a couple of new quests as well for you to try out (as always though, these are for you to find!) and a couple of updates to our characters and creatures behaviours to make them feel a little more alive."

Opting into the new beta is pretty simple: locate LEGO Worlds in your Steam library, right click and choose 'Properties'. Next, click on the Betas tab and, in the drop down menu, select the 'Beta' option. Your game will then update and when you next load it you should be in.

Hosting a game requires a bit more clicking and box ticking, but it's still pretty straightforward. The settings menu on the game's world selection screen should now have an Online World option. Select 'Start Online Game' before enabling the green tick by clicking on it. Close that box, load a world as normal and, voila, you can now host an online game. Your mate can then jump in by either selecting 'Join Game' or by seeking you out via their Steam Friends list.

LEGO Worlds currently lives on Steam Early Access for Windows and costs £11.99/14,99€/$14.99. Full details on the update can be found here.

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