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Blueprints: LEGO Worlds' Future Plans

Bricking it

'Minecraft with LEGO' is something folks have wished for since, well, before Minecraft existed. LEGO Worlds [official site] is living that dream - or technically is chasing it, as it's still on Steam Early Access and missing a fair few features. Now it's been out for two months (it's limited but pretty fun sez Marsh), developers TT Games have shared their plans for future updates and additions.

It sounds like it'll be a fair while before online multiplayer is added.

The dev update explains:

"Our engine was initially designed to be used as a single machine, local co-op experience. That means all of the old mechanics we designed were never programmed with networking in mind, which means that when we made our first efforts to do so, there was a lot of issues with it. As we're now able to start the work on something incredibly new, we've begun the process of ensuring that all the new mechanics in Worlds are designed and coded with networking in mind. There's a lot of testing required here before we can roll anything out to the community, but it is something we're taking seriously and actively working on because it's part of the core appeal – building together!"

They're planning split-screen multiplayer too, as well as underwater exploration with underwater vehicles, a map and waypoints to aid navigation, more camera modes and options, procedural towns and settlements, and a new skybox. No firm word on when any of these things will come, though.

LEGO Worlds is on Steam Early Access for £11.99. As ever with Early Access games, I'll say to think whether you'd be content with your purchase if it were never updated again.

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