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Minecraftbut LEGO: LEGO Worlds Hits Steam Early Access

No multiplayer yet

"Minecraft but with LEGO" is an idea that must have been raised a hundred thousand times, everywhere from playgrounds to board rooms. It's finally happened. With remarkably little fanfare, Warner Bros. yesterday both announced and launched LEGO Worlds [official site].

Well, launched onto Steam Early Access. Made by the LEGO game folks at TT Games, it's a procedurally-generated open-world explore-o-build 'em up with terraforming and rideable creatures and vehicles. Its LEGO worlds do look swish, creating terrain out of squillions of carefully-placed bricks. You know, Minecraftbut with LEGO. It's pretty barebones at launch, lacking multiplayer.

At the moment, LEGO Worlds has procedural blockworlds to explore, building and terraforming, vehicles and creatures to ride, roaming NPCs, and preset kits to find and unlock. It's a stripped-down Minecraftbut experience, but what's there does look polished.

TT Games expect it'll be in Early Access into 2016 as they add things like multiplayer, more biomes, ways to share your creations online, better terraforming tools with copy/paste, character customisation, and more vehicles, characters, creatures and weapons.

I wonder what approach they'll take to the 'problem' of colossal brickdicks, something that LEGO Universe spent a lot of time and money clamping down on.

LEGO Worlds is £11.99 on Steam Early Access. The price will go up at launch.

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