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Act Of Aggression Gives The Cold War Another Go

Deploy superweapons

Coming September 2nd is a game that recreates that time in the '80s when you were pretty sure it was 98% possible you'd die because somebody in the oval office sneezed and accidentally hit the nuke button. Upcoming RTS Act of Aggression [official site] will start down that path with superweapons to deploy when regular armies aren't enough, giving you a fantastically maniacal looking game with the worst foreign policy ever:

"Where diplomacy fails, nuclear war prevails" reads the press release in, presumably, the voice of Patton. There's three super powers, each of which has its own super nuke of sorts. There are references to things like Peacekeeper missile silos and Patriot Launchers which Oh Boy sets my little hippie peacenik brain a'spinnin' - but, to be fair, it's less militaristic than Cold War Fantasy - the war is being fought by futuristic military factions, with specialised future-units and bombs that remain prototypes in reality. And gee, blowing everything up does look cool when you look at it, and really isn't that what matters in the end?

Anyway, I hope they make Dr. Strangelove DLC.

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