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Wargame: Red Dragon is free on the Epic Games Store

From the developers of R.U.S.E.

Wargame: Red Dragon is the latest freebie available on the Epic Games Store. It's a vast real-time strategy game about many types of tanks and helicopter doing battle in an alternate history Cold War.

I've not played Red Dragon, but I played its predecessor Wargame: AirLand Battle. I remember, mostly, that it was very pretty, and that I did not understand the difference between all the tanks. People - you, in the comments - tell me they're good games, though.

I do like an older game from the same studio, Ruse, a real-time strategy game with a similar look but which gave players special abilities they could deploy on the battlefield in order to trick and deceive their opponents with decoys or radar blackouts. It was neat.

Eugen most recently released Steel Division and its sequel, two WW2-set strategy games, but you might also recognise their name from when more than half their staff going on strike for seven weeks in 2018. Those staff alleged that the company was skirting labour laws and failing to pay minimum wage. The employees returned to work but hoped to go to a labour tribunal to fight for back pay and salary adjustments. Six of the employees who went on strike were fired later that year, in what the employees alleged was retaliatory action but the company alleged was due to their using "a professional tool for an an inappropriate purpose."

Wargame: Red dragon is free via Epic until 4pm on March 11th.

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