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The International 2015's $6.6 Million Prize Goes To...

An aegis for these champions

Click through for SPOILERS and NSFW language via the medium of Vines (also a touch of flashing lights):

Evil Geniuses are the winners of The International 2015, snaffling more than $6.6 million in prize money after a week of hard-fought Dota 2 in Seattle's KeyArena.

CDEC came into the main event as standouts from the Wildcard playins, making their way to the grand finals without losing a single match in the upper bracket. Evil Geniuses weren't so lucky, descending to the lower bracket after a semi-final encounter with the aforementioned CDEC. But the North American side showed lower bracket finalists LGD the door [good lord, why let that Leshrac through? Why, LGD?] The home crowd responded throughout that second semi-final game with a near-constant roar of support and there was a brief respite from the hype as the players prepared to face each other a second time, this time in the Grand Finals.

Here are some handy roundups:


(An Evil Geniuses victory)


(A CDEC victory)


(An Evil Geniuses victory)


(An Evil Geniuses victory!)

Here are the final standings:

1st: Evil Geniuses($6,616,014)
2nd: CDEC ($2,848,562)
3rd: LGD Gaming ($2,205,338)
4th: Vici Gaming ($1,562,114)
5th-6th: EHOME, Virtus.Pro ($1,194,558)
7th-8th: MVP Phoenix, Team Secret ($827,002)
9th-12th: Team Empire, Cloud9, compLexity Gaming, Invictus Gaming ($220,534)
13th-16th: Newbee, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, MVP Hot6ix ($55,133)

If you're interested in the team stories and what it's like to attend a massive multi-million dollar prize eSports event you can find our International 2015 diaries here.

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