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Have You Played... Beyond Good & Evil?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every weekday of the year, perhaps for all time.

We've written 175 of these Have You Playeds. When I searched the database to check we'd included Beyond Good & Evil [official site] already, I then searched it twice more in case Google Sheets had lost their minds. Nope, it was us!

It's important not to let your mind become clouded by the incessant failure by Ancel and Ubisoft to create - nay even commit to - a Beyond Good & Evil 2. Despite teases, concept art, weird not-trailers, and endless bullshit from all involved, let's just accept it's never going to happen. Let's be happy with what we've got: one of the finest, most lovely games ever made.

Of course, we've also not got the HD remake, via an almighty dick move by Ubisoft to senselessly only release it on console. Thanks guys! But we do have the original, and what a wonderful thing it remains. The tale of photographer Jade, and her third-person action-adventure quest to recover her kidnapped porcine uncle, and save her home from alien tyranny. Packed with smart ideas, lovely characters, and bursting with heart, even our clunky low-def PC port is enough to celebrate. There will never be another one, so let's celebrate what we already have.

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