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Smoking: New Superhot Gameplay Trailer


Superhot [official site] this year overtook Cuphead to win the coveted RPS E3 No-Prize for Making Us Coo Over Prettiness. It looked great in slow motion but how does the time-altering FPS look in... slightly faster slow motion? Ruddy flipping gorgeous, going by a new trailer released to celebrate Superhot beta going out to Kickstarter backers. Look at this thing:

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If you are entirely new to the idea of Superhot - god I envy you! - I shall explain a little. Superhot's an FPS where time moves at a minute fraction of real time - until you move. It's a slow, contemplative game of spatial awareness and tactical contemplation punctuated by split seconds of action as you execute plans (and people). "Flight Control With Guns" is how I semi-facetiously described it when Pip and I had a little chat about the initial prototype.

It leads to some beautiful moment, like that bar fight in the gameplay vid where the player throws a bottle then a glass to stagger an enemy, then grabs their dropped shotgun in mid-air to blow them away. Splendid! I'm also intrigued by the short glimpse of a scene where you're down in a pit, and this scene where you appear to be chained to a pillar and need to make an enemy break the chain.

Superhot is due to launch later this year. A beta version has now gone out to folks who backed it on Kickstarter for $40 or more. For the rest of us, maybe the Quake mod SUPERQOT will entertain you for a while.

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