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Have You Played... SUPERHOT VR?

Still the best VR game in town

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

Here's the point where I usually say "so VR didn't pan out like we'd hoped, eh?" and then people who really like VR go "hey, stop that!". So this time, I won't, and instead will say: here's a really, really cool VR game. SUPERHOT VR.

You may already be familiar with SUPERHOT's non-gogglicious variant, a first person-shooter/puncher/shurikener whose primary conceit is that all action runs in super-slow motion unless you yourself are moving. When you do, it speeds up into real-time. I.e. it's like an inverse bullet-time, and your job is to use the breathing space offered by your own motionlessness to line up and make every shot count.

SUPERHOT VR, guess what, moves that to into virtual reality and, honestly, it's the most Action Movie experience I think I've ever had. You're not just shooting with a couple of handheld dildo-things: you're using your whole body to duck and weave, to upper cut and to bottle-throw, to lunge out and grab a dropped gun as it slowly falls to earth, to contort your spine into dramatic positions that move you out of the way of a bullet moving at three miles an hour.

It's a workout, it's thrilling, and it's also a strategic puzzle: learning through failure the most efficient and dramatic order in which to take down enemies with a variety of nearby objects. If you have a headset, SUPERHOT VR is mandatory.

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