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Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard is being funded by Superhot

Grab some greenbacks

Yes, that Superhot. The slow-mo bullet ballet has clearly done very well in the old sales department, and the developers have set-up a ‘SUPERHOT PRESENTS’ initiative that offers both mentoring and money to games they want to see being made. Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard developer Grace Bruxner is being supported in what they’re calling the “crossover no one asked for”.

I’m going to quote Grace in full here because I can’t bear to touch even a comma in this beautiful statement. In fact, it deserves to be a block quote:

“Here’s the real story of how this happened. SUPERHOT noticed my cool frog game and were like “hmmm,,, what if,,,,, money?????” and I was like “...ok fine but I will only agree if you send me lots of superhot t-shirts because I need clothes to wear around the house when I make the game” and they said “weird request but ok” and sent me a big box of shirts. And that’s all I wear now.“

“Also my dog Noddy wears them too. That’s how business deals work in this industry baby!! Get used to it!! Anyway, Frog Detective is very good (I know this because I made it) and I think you’ll enjoy it even though it’s not even a little bit like Superhot. There will be no slow motion murdering!!! See ya.”

Grace is a treasure. Here’s the game that got their attention. It absolutely is about a frog detecting things.

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Superhot’s mission is thus: “We set out on a mission to find cool, fun, unusual games that might need some help (funding) and support (still funding but also unsolicited advice and mentoring). We wanted to focus on developers in a similar time zone to help with communication, games that feel sort of like Superhot (puzzles, shooters), and with a corresponding artstyle.

“With that in mind, we’ve signed two games from Australia (really the worst time zone for us), neither of which are anything like Superhot, and both with a unique-artstyle that doesn’t relate to anything we’ve ever done.”

The other game is even odder. Here’s Knuckle Sandwich:

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It's an RPG that looks nothing like Superhot, so they're 0 for 2.

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