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Frog Detective returns to croak (to crack) The Case Of The Invisible Wizard

Lovely games, these

Having solved the mystery of The Haunted Island, Grace Bruxner's ace amphibious sleuth will return later this year. Bruxner has announced Frog Detective 2: The Case Of The Invisible Wizard, a spooky new case for our frogfriend to investigate in Warlock Woods. I adore her funny, friendly, and offbeat style (do check out The Fish Market and Alien Caseno for a free introduction) and am glad to see more of this frog.

Do bear in mind that the wizard is invisible, so it could be doing something outrageous in every frame of that trailer.

For more on Bruxner's work, check out Jody Macgregor's chat with her, in which open-world murder simulator Hitman proves a surprising point of comparison:

"It's way funnier than my game," she says of the game about a man who drowns people in toilets, "because everything you do is congratulated and treated very seriously. So when you do a really terrible kill Diana is like, 'Well done, 47!'

"With The Haunted Island I wanted to take some of that. Everyone is taking the detective very seriously even though the detective is a very silly character. The situation is silly but everyone's taking it seriously. Just like in Hitman."

Frog Detective 2 is due to launch later this year. It'll also be on show in London twice in April. First is EGX Rezzed, the games show organised by our corporate dad, and right after that comes Now Play This, the event organised by some pals o' mine. The original game is sold on Steam and Itch for £4.

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