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SUPERHOT visiting Japan in new spin-off


Super-stylish time-slowing shooter SUPERHOT is off to Japan in a new spin-off game, temporarily titled SUPERHOT JP. It'll shoot and slice through Japanese environments from hot springs to karaoke bars, with new enemies, weapons, and other local fun. The folks at SUPERHOT Team aren't making this one, rather Japanese studio GameTomo, who say they're working "with guidance from" the creators. GameTomo plan to release SUPERHOT JP first in Japan and say it'll only "possibly" go elsewhere later, but the fact that the website has an English translation suggests it's likely.

So, Japan! GameTomo say it'll visit local locales including samurai castles, hot springs, Tokyo alleyways, karaoke bars, bullet trains, grab new weapons including bow and arrows, and a few neat touches like shoji screens which reveal the silhouette of enemies hiding behind. It'll pack "15-18 regular levels and 3-4 endless levels".

Having recently pottered around such places in the extremely dad Yakuza 6, I'm well up for a return visit in slow-mo whiteworld action. Especially when it's building on such fine shooty foundations - see dearly departed Adam's SUPERHOT review for more on that, if you're new to the series.

This isn't a sequel to Superhot, to be clear. And no, though Alec called SUPERHOT VR "mandatory", SUPERHOT JP is not planned to be VR.

Series creators SUPERHOT Team are currently busy with Superhot: Mind Control Delete, the standalone expansion which turns Superhot a bit roguelikelike with runs, upgrades, and unlockable extra characters. It costs £9 while it's in early access but, once it's done, will become free to folks who own Superhot.

No word yet on when SUPERHOT JP (whatever it ends up being named) will release, and of course we still don't know for certain if it will be released here. But I'd imagine it will.

[Mega-exciting style note: while usually I normalise DAFT ALL-CAPS GAME NAMES, I think SUPERHOT has earned its caps. SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. -ed.]

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