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Twitch Prime now includes a monthly bundle of games

Ninjas quietly lightening your pockets

Like it or not, subscription services are becoming a greater part of the gaming sphere with each passing month. Humble Monthly, Origin Access, the XBox game pass (which now includes PC games) among others. Many of us already have a subscription to Amazon Prime, which brings with it a slew of perks and giveaways on streaming mega-hub Twitch.tv, and now you can get a monthly bundle of games as part of the service.

The first month's lineup is an impressive lot, including time-bending FPS Superhot, teen horror adventure Oxenfree, Hotline Miami-esque Mr Shifty, board-game adaptation Tomb of Annihilation and (last, but by no means least) brilliant Japanese-themed Commandos tribute Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

To access all of these goodies, you'll first need to claim the items via Twitch's rewards drop-down panel (the crown in the top-right corner of the UI), and to install the games you'll need the official Twitch desktop app. Yes, it's one more installer/storefront to have cluttering up your desktop, but it's also very cheap games, and you really should play Shadow Tactics. It's quite utterly lovely and it's great that more people will have a chance to play it. If it's somehow managed to sneak under your radar (appropriately enough), here's the trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Also available via Twitch's present slew of giveaways is the original Devil May Cry. Word is that the port is a little on the cheap side (it's capped to 1080p, and misbehaves if you run it at over 60fps), but it's an otherwise fun look at the missing link between Resident Evil and the modern character-action genre. Perhaps takes the wind out of the recent Devil May Cry 1-3 HD collection released recently, though.

The first month of Games With Twitch Prime is live now, and will be available for the next two weeks. Make sure you tag them while they're available if you've got an Amazon Prime subscription.

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