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Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun is currently free to keep via the Epic Games Store

One of the best real-time tactics games ever made

Real-time tactics games have had a resurgence over the past five years, and that can be almost entirely credited to Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun. It's a gorgeous Commandos-style stealth-and-stab 'em up set during Edo period Japan. It's also currently free via the Epic Games Store.

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You can add Shadow Tactics to your account for free by heading to its Epic Games Store page. It's the best freebie Epic have given away in a while, which is why we gave it a Bestest Best back when we reviewed it. It's also arguably one of the best real-time tactics games ever made, perhaps only surpasssed by Desperados 3, the followup game made by the same developer, Mimimi.

This isn't the first time Shadow Tactics has been given away for free. It was also given away during GOG's winter sale last year, around the time standalone expansion Aiko's Choice was released.

The other freebie over at Epic's game store the Epic Game Store is no slouch either. It's Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a delightful open world photography game from the makers of Monument Valley. Katharine called Alba "a pure ray of sunshine for the soul" (supporters only).

You've got until November 17th at 4pm to add both Alba and Shadow Tactics to your account, after which the next free games will be strategy RPG Dark Deity and co-op slasher Evil Dead: The Game.

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