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Shadow Tactics' Aiko's Choice expansion will emerge December 6th

From the shadows, see

Earlier today, Matthew offered up his thoughts on Aiko's Choice, the standalone expansion for ninja stealth 'em up Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun. In a synchronised attack, publishers Daedalic also spat out the release date: December 6th.

Here's the latest trailer, filling in the story so far:

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Aiko's Choice is set before the events that round out the base game, and features three new missions and three playable interludes. You can still play the main missions with all five of the original game's cast, as they coordinate their sneaking and stabbing across Edo era Japan.

In Matthew's preview, he said that the DLC felt like it had some of the chattiness of developer Mimimi's Desperados 3, and that it otherwise felt like more Shadow Tactics, an already great game.

"While I’m convinced that this would have made more sense as a digestif served after the original release, I’m also not so churlish to sniff at more of one of my favourite games of the last decade," he writes.

December 6th will, by the way, mark the fifth anniversary of the release of the original game. If you've always craved more, you've not long to wait.

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