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Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice and Kerbal Space Program are free from Epic

Two great games

Shadow Tactics is such a good real-time tactics stealth strategy game that it rejuvenated the genre. There's a chance you already own the sneaky samurai sim, however, and much less of a chance that you own its standalone expansion, Aiko's Choice. It's the latter that is currently being given away for free over on the Epic Games Store.

If that's not enough, wonderful slapstick spaceship builder Kerbal Space Program is free, too.
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Kerbal Space Program is about designing your own rockets and blowing them up on the launchpad until you finally internalise enough about physics to get one into orbit. Then the real fun begins, as you learn how to dock ships together, touch down on the Mun, and expand across the solar system. It's fantastic and free to keep from the Epic Games Store from now until January 12th at 4pm GMT/11am ET.

KSP has been out in some form since 2011, has been widely praised in that time, and its sequel is coming to early access in February.

Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice, meanwhile, feels like exactly the kind of game that goes overlooked. The original Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun was a surprise hit and developers Mimimi moved on to create the better and even more successful Desperados 3. It was a surprise when they returned with Aiko's Choice - and even when standalone, expansions often feel less essential than base games. But Aiko's Choice is more Shadow Tactics, and designed to be played by those who have already finished the base game. If you never got around to it and can't wait for whatever Mimimi are making next, you can now grab it free to keep from the Epic Games Store - also until January 12th.

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