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Desperados 3 developers are working on their next real-time tactics game

It's codenamed "sweet potato"

The developers at Mimimi Productions who brought us the quite good stealth tactics game Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun and Desperados 3 are, surprise of surprises, working on another real-time tactics game. It'll be a while before the project codenamed "süßkartoffel" or "sweet potato" reaches our hands, but Mimimi have confirmed that it is indeed the next game on their docket.

I don't particularly care for sweet potatoes, but I sure did have a grand time with Shadow Tactics. If you're not familiar, it's a real-time tactical stealth game where you've got a group of sneaky pros with different skills—carrying corpses or luring away guards and such—that you use in tandem to quietly kill your way through various story missions.

I've not gotten to take a spin with Desperados 3 just yet (more of the same, but cowboys) but I can honestly say it's the game I missed this year I'm most hoping to put hours on during holiday hibernation. It also ranks on RPS's list of best strategy games. Süßkartoffel or otherwise, I'll be quite keen to see where and when Mimimi will take their next tactical brain tickler.

The other big piece of news in Mimimi's announcement is that they'll be self-publishing their next game. "We actually want to thank our previous partners Daedalic Entertainment and THQ Nordic for believing in us and publishing our previous real-time tactics games," Mimimi say. "They took a huge risk in helping to resurrect this genre with us. But we felt a strong desire to, at least once, make our own choices (and mistakes). This is why we decided that we are going to carve our own path with our next game."

As for when their next stealth adventure is due out, Mimimi say "it’s going to take a few years". Ah well, it'll take me that long to be anywhere near as talented as the Desperados 3 speedrunners that I find so mesmerising to watch.

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