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Desperados 3 devs' next tactics game is something brand-new

A new setting for their third real-time tactics game

The studio behind Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun and Desperados 3 today revealed that their next real-time tactics game is something brand new, telling a whole new story all of their own. So no, it's not Desperados 4, and it's not Shadow Tactics 2 either. After two cracking games, I'm well up for whatever their third is.

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After announcing the project currently called Codename Süßkartoffel (German for sweet potato) last year, Mimimi declared today that the real-time tactics game is "a brand-new, original IP". They don't say much about what it is, but they're clear on what it's not.

"It does mean that, on one hand, we are not working on Shadow Tactics 2. Nor are we working on a Commandos or another Desperados game," they say. "On the other hand, it signifies that with the decision to create a new IP we are able to create a whole new world, with a new setting, story and characters that all follow our own creative design choices."

Our Shadow Tactics review declared their 2016 debut "a fabulous game", then our Desperados 3 review said last year's game was "every bit as brilliant." Roll on, number three.

Mimimi also noted that they've found financial support from Kowloon Nights, a fund who've previously put cash into games including Spiritfarer, Scorn, Godfall, and 30XX. They're still self-publishing their sweet potato, mind.

What sort of setting would you like to see them tackle with their tactical acumen, gang?

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