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Shadow Tactics is free in GOG's Winter Sale

Cracking real-time squad tactics from the makers of Desperados 3

If you've not yet enjoyed the splendid real-time tactical squad action of Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun, here's your chance. GOG started their Winter Sale today, and for the first 48 hours they're offering Shadow Tactics free for keepsies. They plan to give more games away free later in the sale. Also they have discounts and things.

To grab your free copy of Shadow Tactics, hit GOG's front page and look for the banner offering it. You need to agree to sign up for their newsletter, but can unsubscribe after. It usually costs £35, so free is a tidy little price. You have until 2pm (6am Pacific) on Wednesday to claim a freebie, and then it's yours for keepsies.

Released in 2016, Shadow Tactics was the debut game from Mimimi. They went on to make Desperados 3, then returned to Shadow Tactics only last week with a standalone expansion, Aiko's Choice. They're also working on a new tactics game in a new setting.

"Atmospheric and impossible to rush, Shadow Tactics is a fabulous game – a game I think I prefer to both Commandos 2 and Desperados," Tim Stone said in our Shadow Tactics review.

As for games that aren't Shadow Tactics, another three giveaways are planned. Also you can buy games for money, and less money than usual. See the GOG Winter Sale hub for deals, flash deals, recommendations, and oh so much. They boast that they have over 3500 deals.

The GOG Winter Sale will end at 2pm GMT on the 5th of January, 2022. Ha ha how wild, their sale is going to run for at least a decade, certainly there's no way a distant future year like 2022 is mere weeks away.

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