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Twitch apologises for mishandling thousands of copyright claims

Twitch has been going through some major music copyright drama over the last few months, being hit with an onslaught of DMCA takedown notifications. In October, this culminated in the streaming platform straight up deleting streamers' clips and videos that had used copyrighted music without permission. Twitch didn't even warn the streamers affected beforehand, only letting them know after with a pretty generic email.In a…

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Free karaoke ’em up Twitch Sings is leaving the stage

Sorry, Twitch Sings. We've had a good night of belting the classics, but we've all had a few and our throats have all gone a little hoarse - it's time to call it a day. After a year and a half, Twitch is raising the curtain on their sing-a-long streaming platform next January to focus on "broader tools and services" for music on the site.

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Ninja streamed on Twitch yesterday for the first time since Mixer died

In what might be considered an unsurprising move, Ninja was back on Twitch yesterday - if only for a brief couple of hours. He played a bit of Fortnite's new Joyride update with Dr Lupo in his first stream on the platform since he left for Microsoft's now-dead Mixer last year. The popular lad had managed to rack up 100,000 viewers when I caught part…

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Feature: Prepare to cry

Hundreds of people are competing to finish Dark Souls without being hit

Beating the final boss of a Dark Souls game can be an overwhelming experience. You reflect on your journey, the countless hours and failed attempts that led you to this moment, and a wave of emotion rolls over you.The Twitch channel of Eric “McRaptor” Harper was host to a litany of these moments during the recent “Souls-4-Souls” (SFS) charity tournament that ran in late April.…

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Twitch tells the US Army to cut out the fake giveaways

In a line that only further proves the cyberpunk dystopia is real, the US Army have been reprimanded by Twitch for running phoney giveaways on their streaming channel. Following criticism for banning viewers who raise the service's history of war crimes, Twitch have now forced the US Army's Esports Team (a thing that sure does exist) to stop a thinly-veiled recruitment trick disguised as a…

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Twitch suspends Donald Trump’s channel for “hateful conduct”

The president of the United States of America has been temporarily banned from video game streaming platform Twitch, is an actual event in the year of our Molyneux 2020. Donald Trump's official account had rebroadcast old campaign speeches, which Twitch moderators identify as containing "hateful conduct." So the account is on time-out to... think about what it's done? Of all the channels on Twitch, this…

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Twitch start banning streamers following allegations of sexual abuse and harassment

In a week which has seen hundreds of people accuse various streamers of sexual harrassment, abuse, and predatory behaviour, Twitch are investigating allegations and seem to have started bans. "Those who have come forward have shown incredible strength, vulnerability, and bravery," Twitch said. Many of the alleged incidents took place off Twitch and it sounds like they're planning to police not just their own service…

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Watch Blindboy improvise songs as he taunts the people of Red Dead Redemption 2

You might know Blindboy as "that Irish guy from the Rubberbandits who wears a bag on his head", because he is, but he's also so much more. He's a podcaster, author and musician, and Alice Bee is well into him. She's on holiday, though, which means I get to show off his recent adventures in Red Dead Redemption 2. Please treat yourself to the following…

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All Valorant streamers can now give you access to the closed beta

Riot have changed up the beta key dropping process for their upcoming tactical shooter, Valorant, making it so anyone who streams the game on Twitch can enable drops for their viewers. For those of you still trying to get access to the coveted closed beta, it basically means you don't have to watch the same handful of official streams to get one.This doesn't increase the…

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Twitch are clarifying their rules about nudity again

Here we go again, Twitch are attempting to clarify their oft-confusing Nudity And Attire Policy which they've historically struggled to apply consistently. This time around, Twitch are spelling out which body parts are considered too naughty for streaming instead of attempting to regulate based on types of clothing. That does seem like an improvement. "Cleavage is unrestricted," in case you were wondering, but pelvic areas…

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Feature: An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas

Meet the streamers keeping the Irish language alive on Twitch

"Tá me just ag smaoineamh: Cad a dhéanfaidh mé leis Miú? Tá Miú leibhéal a dó dhéag anois..."There’s something wonderfully jarring about hearing the sentence "I'm just thinking: What will I do with Mew? Mew's level twelve now" spoken in fluent Irish, or a few bars of House of Pain rapped as Gaeilge (in Irish) over a Pokémon livestream. This is the Twitch channel of…

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Twitch Studio, the platform’s entry-level streaming tool, is now available to all

Twitch Studio, the streaming firm's tool for showing folks what you're playing, wants to solve a fundamental issue with streaming. It's bloody hard, is what. While plenty of folks reckon they have the gaming chops of [please put a popular streamer's name here], you've got to reckon with the realities of live video production to really make a dent.It's a hassle. But after a few…

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Twitch say streamers breastfeeding children is a-okay

Breastfeeding is a-okay on Twitch, the livestreaming site seem to have now decided - an apparent u-turn on a recent decision to delete a clip in which a streamer fed her baby while streaming. Good. Breastfeeding in public is legal in all US states (and in the UK, and across huge swathes of the world). Given that Twitch is about so much more than watching…

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Twitch suing spammers who filled fake Artifact streams with porn and murder

Twitch, the livestreaming site owned by Amazon, are trying to sue the digivandals who in May broadcast videos of pornography, copyrighted movies and TV shows, and actual real-world murders. The offenders pretended to be streaming Artifact, dominating Twitch's section for the Valve card game. Twitch don't yet know who they are but have already filed a lawsuit with a California court to get it rolling.…

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Twitch’s free karaoke ‘em up, Twitch Sings, is available now

When I sing in my house, it’s exclusively when I’m certain that there’s no one around. But if you want to serenade a crowd, Twitch Sings is here to help you bring the house down. The karaoke game will allow you to sing, share the stage with a friend, and stream it all to an audience that will flood the screen with emotes to rate…

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Twitch Squad Streams let folks broadcast together on one page

Livestreaming site Twitch now lets up to four folks form a 'squad' to stream together in one window, so viewers can see the perspectives of all their imaginary cyberpals at once rather than having to pick just one. Squad Stream, Twitch call it. Perhaps these four folks are playing Apex Legends together and you want to see what everyone's doing, or speedrunners are racing each…

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Some unlikely games are becoming competitive through Twitch Rivals

I would love to be a fly on the wall for the planning meetings at Twitch Rivals. The livestreaming platform’s esports series keeps pushing the envelope into all sorts of weird and wonderful games and rulesets. Streamers have recently faced off in the arena modes of both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering; they hosted two Apex Legends tournaments just one week after its release, and…

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JustGiving launch new tools to support gaming fundraisers

Fundraising platform JustGiving is rolling out a new suite of tools to make it easier for people to organise gaming and streaming based charity campaigns, they’ve announced today. The new Gaming for Social Good hub provides how-tos, stream overlays, and other aids for those who want to raise money. And if you're more of a watcher than a streamer, there are multiple ways to browse…

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Twitch introduces new tools to make community moderators’ jobs easier

Twitch have released some new tools into the livestreaming wild today, aiming to make it easier for community moderators to keep those chat boxes free of bad actors. Streamers and their chosen mods will be able to keep better track of people who are chatting away by viewing information like the date of their account creation and any previous timeouts and bans, as well as…

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