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Twitch are swapping in a new PogChamp emote every 24 hours

A Pog-worthy solution

Earlier this week, Twitch made the decision to remove the PogChamp emote from their platform after the person whose face it was based on made inflammatory comments about the violent riots at the US Capitol. Referencing the shocked face emote has become something of a staple both on Twitch and in gaming circles more generally, so they didn't want to leave the spirit of PogChamp gone for good. For the time being, they've decided to "roll with it" and replace the emote with a new face of surprise every 24 hours.

Twitch apparently liked the suggestion put forward by Sean "Day9" Plott of creating a pool of shocked face emotes and having a random one chosen each time the PogChamp emote is used. They've not done exactly that, but they are crowdsourcing faces.

"In the spirit of figuring out 2021 together," they say, Twitch will have a shiny new global PogChamp every 24 hours. First up as the new PogChamp appears to be Kenny "UnRooolie" McWild who tossed up his face up for consideration as a possible replacement. Naturally, there are a lot of other streamers pitching their own faces as possible Pogs in response to Twitch's announcement.

For now at least, we'll apparently be treated to a new face of shock and awe each day. I can't imagine Twitch keep that strategy indefinitely, but it will give them time to come up with a more permanent solution, whether that be a pool of possible PogChamps or a new standard Pog for all. Previously, Twitch said they wanted to "work with the community to design a new emote for the most hype moments on Twitch."

Until tomorrow, Unrooolie is your PogChamp of choice.

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