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Here's where to watch Paradox Insider tonight

Probably no Bloodlines 2, but how about BattleTech 2?

Paradox Insider takes place tonight and will broadcast live on Twitch at 11am PT/7pm GMT/8pm CET. This is where Paradox Interactive reveal new information about games and updates they're planning on releasing in 2021. Will there be new information on Bloodlines 2? I doubt it, but you can watch the stream below to find out.

The stream will happen on Paradox's own Twitch channel and Twitch's gaming channel. I'll drop the embed below once it's live.

(The video should start around the 2h 12m mark, which is when Paradox Insider began.)

Paradox haven't given any hints of what to expect, only that the stream will feature upcoming games with trailers, "deep dives", and interviews with the developers.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 is the Paradox game I'm most excited about, obviously, but I'd deem it unlikely appear during the broadcast. Last month, developers Hardsuit Labs were replaced on the project, and the RPG sequel was delayed into not-2021. It seems unlikely that Paradox would want to get people hyped for it at this point, even if there was hype to be had.

There's still plenty of other games to potentially talk about. Paradox release regular updates for their stable of strategy games, including Crusader Kings, Surviving Mars, Europa Universalis, Prison Architect, and more.

My next biggest hope after Bloodlines would be word on what Harebrained Schemes are working on now. Their last released game was BattleTech in 2018, and they were bought outright by Paradox that same year. BattleTech 2, plz?

Paradox Insider is being broadcast as part of The MIX's Game Dev direct, which begins at 5pm GMT today, runs through tomorrow, and also includes The MIX Showcase, BitSummit, and Black Voices In Gaming. You can see the full schedule here.

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