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Pizza and demakes win in Superhot fan game contest

Superhot superhot superhot

The winners of a Superhot [official site] fan game contest are in and... no, that ↑ Superhot mod for Quake did not win but I couldn't resist the screenshot. No, the actual grand prize winner was Peer-2-Pizza, a first-person obstacle course platformer about using slowmo powers to deliver pizza. Chasing that are two top-down demakes of Superhot, then- look, the precise placings of everything in the Make It Superhot contest don't really matter. A load of games and mods and bits inspired by Superhot are out for free, and you might dig some of 'em.

Launched in January, Make It Superhot challenged folks to make games and mods and music and artwork and things inspired by Superhot, offering a chance to win p-p-prizes. The Superhotness might be in look, in sound, or -- by and large -- in making time slow down when you stop moving. Winners were announced yesterday, and the crown goes to Peer-2-Pizza for its tricky pizza delivery.

I can't embed it, for technical reasons, but a video is over here.

If you fancy a crack, you can grab the alpha from ModDB. Part of the grand prize is an opportunity to get a publishing deal for it with IMGN.PRO, though the terms are unclear enough that it won't necessarily be a good deal. We'll see what happens.

Second and third places go to two straightforward top-down retro shooter adaptations of Superhot, Uberhot and Superhot 8bit.

But heck, just look at Superhot Quake. The makers of Superhot have actually made their own Superhot take on Quake but this looks even Superhotter.

Again, all the winners and Honorable Mentions and whatnot for both games and arty bits are over here. You can find and download every entry on ModDB too.

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