November 2023 Archive

    1. Space strategy sequel Homeworld 3 sets release date for March 2024
    2. Dwarf Fortress's accessible Adventure mode will arrive in the Steam version in April 2024
    3. What to expect from the Path of Exile 2 beta, and how Grinding Gears are breaking their own rules
    4. Cyberpunk beat 'em up Spine wants to be Sifu meets John Wick
    5. Solium Infernum remake will hit Early Access in February 2024
    6. Multiplayer puzzle 'em up Islands Of Insight will launch next February
    7. Biggest Baldur's Gate 3 update yet adds epilogue, new modes and Act 3 performance fixes
    8. Tower Of Fantasy codes [December 2023]
    9. Fallout 76 - Season 15: The Big Score Trailer
    10. MW3 modes list
    11. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 40: the last voyage of the Bethesda review replies
    12. Best MW3 ISO 45 loadout
    13. Best MW3 M13C loadout
    14. Capcom wants you to buy Dragon's Dogma 2 for $70 and yeah, I probably wouldn't
    15. Stellaris Nexus shrinks and speeds up Stellaris to mostly exhilarating effect
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Nov 30)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #894 (November 30 2023)
    1. TimeSplitters studio Free Radical could close days before Christmas, Embracer exec reportedly confirms
    2. It looks like Cult of the Lamb’s sex update will be a real thing, coming in 2024
    3. Total War devs Creative Assembly to refocus on “offline RTS games” after ditching online shooter Hyenas
    4. Beyond Good & Evil’s remastered 20th Anniversary Edition confirmed for 2024 after accidental early release
    5. Heretic, Hexen and Ultima Underworld homage Wizordum is out now in Early Access
    6. MW3 best 9mm Daemon loadout
    7. If NFTs are "worthless", how come I have written a third novel about NFTs saving the future?
    8. Unity fire 265 people and end agreement with VFX studio Wētā FX in company "reset"
    9. What's better: Chain explosions or Diablo's Tristram theme?
    10. MW3 best Holger 26 loadout
    11. Best MW3 BAS-B loadout
    12. Quantic River is a cyber-ninja game with Spider-Versey art and an emphasis on parries and counters
    13. Almost half of CD Projekt developers are now working on The Witcher 4, aka Polaris
    14. MW3 best Bruen Mk9 loadout
    15. MW3 best .50 GS loadout
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Nov 29)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #893 (November 29 2023)
    1. Dragon's Dogma 2's leaked March release date has been confirmed
    2. Chet Faliszek says he'll never do Early Access again after The Anacrusis due to inaccurate player counts
    3. Cyberpunk 2077 is "no place for happy endings", says the writer of Judy Alvarez storyline
    4. Embracer lay off around 50 people at Chorus and Galaxy on Fire developer Fishlabs
    5. Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader's most intriguing aspect is the most boring part of other RPGs - the middle ground
    6. MW3 best Signal 50 loadout
    7. Bee Swarm Simulator codes [December 2023]
    8. Bethesda are individually rebutting Starfield Steam reviewers, defending the loading breaks and "empty" worlds
    9. Anime Dimensions codes [December 2023]
    10. Da Hood codes [December 2023]
    11. Next Baldur's Gate 3 update fixes performance bug caused by the RPG's inability to forget your terrible crimes
    12. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Nov 28)
    13. Wordle hint and answer #892 (November 28 2023)
    1. Planet Coaster devs Frontier double down on management sims as Warhammer RTS Realms of Ruin suffers slow sales
    2. Fan-made multiplayer Attack on Titan game looks far more satisfying than the anime’s ending
    3. Marvel Snap devs say the card game won't go anywhere, as publishers reportedly look to exit “mainstream games”
    4. Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion, due to wrap up its first decade of story, slides to next summer
    5. Best SMG in Modern Warfare 3
    6. Lenovo’s gigantic Legion R45w-30 ultrawide monitor is £100 off on Cyber Monday
    7. Dredge's new DLC is a masterpiece of icy show-don't-tell horror
    8. The "world's fastest shooter" Tribes returns for a sixth entry - new footage lands ahead of playtest
    9. Innocn's 32M2V 32-inch Mini LED 4K gaming monitor is down to $600 for Cyber Monday
    10. MW3 best WSP-9 loadout
    11. Reedpop "investigating" the sale of RPS owners Gamer Network
    12. Cyber Monday cuts nearly 50% off the Steam Deck-friendly Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard
    13. Streamer? Macro fiend? Elgato's Stream Deck MK.2 and Stream Deck Plus are discounted in the UK
    14. Last Train Home review: freezing to death in the Russian Civil War shouldn't be this entertaining
    15. All Star Tower Defense codes list [December 2023]
    16. SteamWorld Build review: joyful citybuilding and delightful dungeon digging
    17. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Like clicking fish in a bucket
    18. Creator of Inscryption teases new game featuring a malevolent AI chatbot - here's a video
    19. Best Cyber Monday SSD deals 2023
    20. Best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals 2023
    21. Best Cyber Monday Steam Deck accessories deals 2023
    22. Blade Ball codes December 2023
    23. The Maw - 27th November-2nd December 2023
    24. Introducing The Maw, your weekly RPS news liveblog
    25. Cyber Monday LIVE: the best gaming deals for PC and Steam Deck
    26. Best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals 2023
    27. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Nov 27)
    28. Wordle hint and answer #891 (November 27 2023)
    1. Best Black Friday PC gaming deals 2023
    2. Get a gaming keyboard for £20 with the Razer Cynosa Lite, plus 33% off Xbox Game Pass for PC
    3. Get a no-nonsense gaming monitor for under £75 this Black Friday weekend
    4. Get a great gaming laptop for less than £1000 with the Gigabyte G5 KF
    5. Grab the best gaming CPU for less this Black Friday weekend
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Get the best gaming headset for half price this Black Friday weekend
    8. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Nov 26)
    9. Wordle hint and answer #890 (November 26 2023)
    1. Them's Fightin' Herds to end active development without finishing story mode
    2. A Half-Life bug introduced by Windows 2000 just got fixed at last
    3. The tech underpinning Star Citizen looks mighty impressive in new trailer
    4. AMD's excellent Ryzen 5 5600X processor is currently half-price on Amazon
    5. Grab a great gaming mouse for less than £20 this Black Friday weekend
    6. Get 32GB of Crucial Pro RAM for less than £50 this Black Friday weekend
    7. What are we all playing this weekend?
    8. Wordle hint and answer #889 (November 25 2023)
    9. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Nov 25)
    1. Get ViewSonic's 180hz Omni gaming monitors for less this Black Friday
    2. EA Sports FC 24 will add next summer’s UEFA Euro 2024 championships in free summer update
    3. Save on external data storage with the Crucial X9 Pro this Black Friday
    4. The original Life is Strange has been played by over 20 million people
    5. Get £/$100 off the Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL Wireless this Black Friday
    6. Cult of the Lamb’s next big free update commits Sins of the Flesh in early 2024
    7. Killer Instinct is about to unlock all of its fighters and premium DLC for free forever if you already own it
    8. Making and breaking the videogame loop
    9. Black Friday LIVE: the best gaming deals for PC and Steam Deck
    10. NZXT’s Black Friday sale cuts up to 50% off their hot-swappable Function keyboards
    11. Little Goody Two Shoes is a weird gay witch's delight
    12. MW3 best Sidewinder loadout
    13. Go ultrawide on a budget with £170 / $150 off the HP Omen 34c monitor this Black Friday
    14. The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 39: GTA 6 predictions feat. Dracula boat
    15. Here are the best Black Friday RTX 4070 deals of the day
    16. In-game Black Friday ads in certain Assassin's Creed titles are "the result of a technical error", Ubisoft say
    17. Embracer exec warns of "more cancellations, potentially some more closures" to come
    18. The best Steam Deck microSD card is more than 50% off for Black Friday
    19. The WD Black SN850X 1TB wins this Black Friday’s SSD deals race with £38 / $50 off
    20. Best Black Friday gaming laptop deals 2023
    21. Best Black Friday gaming PC deals
    22. Best Black Friday gaming keyboard deals 2023
    23. Best Black Friday graphics card deals 2023
    24. Best Black Friday Steam Deck accessories deals
    25. Best Black Friday gaming mouse deals 2023
    26. Best Black Friday gaming monitor deals 2023
    27. Best Black Friday SSD deals 2023
    28. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Nov 24)
    29. Wordle hint and answer #888 (November 24 2023)
    30. BallisticNG's 2023 trailer reminds you there's a great Wipeout homage on PC
    1. Scifi family drama Deliver Us Mars is currently free to keep from Epic
    2. American Truck Simulator's latest update adds (back) the Moon
    3. Old school stealth 'em up Styx: Shards Of Darkness is currently free to keep on GOG
    4. Save $40 on the Intel Arc A750 graphics card for Black Friday
    5. Grab the SanDisk Ultra MicroSD at a discount this Black Friday
    6. Get almost 40% off the Meta Quest 2 this Black Friday, plus £/$50 in Amazon credit
    7. Most Intel Black Friday CPU deals are rubbish, but you can save £20 on the best Raptor Lake Refresh chip
    8. Lethal Company gets VR mod while developer works on actual enemies - "enjoy this pre-invasion time"
    9. Call Of Duty should pay attention to the return of a badminton star
    10. MW3 best SA-B 50 loadout
    11. Modern Warfare 3 beginner tips you need to know: 8 MW3 tips and tricks
    12. Honeycomb: The World Beyond is above-ground Subnautica with bioengineering and hoverboards
    13. New Steam Deck OLED owners, take note: JSAUX’s flexible ModCase range is on sale for Black Friday
    14. The 2TB Crucial P5 Plus SSD has hit its lowest-ever price in the Black Friday sales
    15. MW3 best Raal MG loadout
    16. Knuckle Sandwich review: a turn-based RPG that's a little too random
    17. The next Call of Duty is a Black Ops game set during the first Gulf War, according to reports
    18. KnifePlayground is an Unreal horror royale with bodycam combat, demon clowns and a shapeshifting mansion
    19. You can save £25 on the Sony DualSense gamepad for Black Friday – and get a £5 voucher while you’re at it
    20. Get £200 off the Radeon RX 7900 XTX, AMD’s flagship 4K GPU, in Ebuyer’s Black Friday sale
    21. Wordle hint and answer #887 (November 23 2023)
    22. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Nov 23)
    1. This 3.3-foot USB-C to USB-A cable can be yours for $3 after a $7 Black Friday discount
    2. This LG Fast IPS monitor is the best I've ever seen for $200
    3. Save £40 on the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Headset for Black Friday
    4. Anyone can now buy FF14’s pizza emote, two years after you had to order $15 of delivery food to get it (maybe)
    5. It's now much easier to find games on Steam that support PlayStation controllers
    6. Grab the Razer Basilisk V3 for over 40% off this Black Friday
    7. Fortnite’s next live music concert is Eminem, marking the rapper's first video game cameo in almost 20 years
    8. Save your money and data with the 1TB WD Blue SN570 this Black Friday
    9. Plague Tale developer Asobo have "a major new project" with Focus Entertainment
    10. Don’t worry, at least two people are reportedly still working on that KOTOR remake
    11. HP’s Black Friday deals include £1700 off an RTX 4080 gaming laptop
    12. MW3 best PDSW 528 loadout
    13. Ninja Issen is a fast, furious cyberpunk platformer in the spirit of Shinobi, out today
    14. Good games from 2023 that didn't quite make my GOTY list #1: Tron Identity
    15. Black Friday deal spotlight: an RTX 4060 GPU that’s cheaper than most RTX 3060s
    16. Our favourite cheap 4K gaming monitor is down another £100 / $70 this Black Friday
    17. What's better: seeing your outfit in cutscenes or telefragging?
    18. Mimimi say goodbye with two big Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew DLC expansions
    19. If you wish Ghostwire: Tokyo was an actual horror game, try the demo for Chiyo
    20. MW3 best MX9 loadout
    21. MW3 best Victus XMR loadout
    22. Black Friday knocks one of the best Steam Deck docks down to £28 / $30
    23. MW3 best SP-X 80 loadout
    24. The grandest factory sim ever made is getting an interplanetary combat system this December
    25. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Nov 22)
    26. Wordle hint and answer #886 (November 22 2023)
    1. This high-end 2TB NVMe SSD is now under $90 for Black Friday
    2. Logitech's full-size wireless MX Keys S low profile keyboard is down to £85 after a 23% Black Friday discount
    3. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 has been delayed until late 2024
    4. Game creation tool GameMaker is now free for non-commercial use
    5. 17 years after release, Star Wars: Empire At War just got patched to support 64-bit
    6. Worldless, gorgeous Metroidvania with turn-based combat, is out now
    7. Grab the Logitech G Pro X Wireless headset for half price this Black Friday
    8. Get almost half price off the Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless keyboard for Black Friday
    9. The 180Hz ViewSonic Omni VX2728J gaming monitor is £125 off for Black Friday
    10. Google discussed buying out Epic with Tencent's help to make Fortnite their "leading business driver"
    11. MW3 best Minibak loadout
    12. Blessed Burden offers first-person horror for the Quake crowd - here's a demo
    13. MW3 best Lockwood Mk2 loadout
    14. Flashback 2 review: a broken travesty of a retro revival
    15. Razer’s Black Friday deal bundles feature Razer Blade laptops and up to £579 worth of freebies
    16. Rockstar once planned a zombie island survival game using GTA: Vice City code, but it was too "depressing"
    17. Black Friday sets a new low price for this RTX 4060 Ti graphics card
    18. You can nab an RTX 4060 gaming laptop for just £830 / $750 in the Black Friday sales
    19. Modern Warfare 3 devs talk multiplayer gun balance and how the meta will shift "from season to season"
    20. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Nov 21)
    21. Wordle hint and answer #885 (November 21 2023)
    1. This SATA SSD offers 4TB of TLC NAND flash with a DRAM cache for £160
    2. AMD's Ryzen 7 5800X is an even better value gaming CPU than the legendary 5800X3D
    3. It doesn’t look good for the KOTOR remake (again), as reports claim it’s “not being worked on by any studio”
    4. Co-op horror game Lethal Company is Steam’s latest viral hit as it overtakes Ark, Rust and Dead by Daylight
    5. Nier will continue 'as long as Yoko Taro lives', producer says, but don’t expect an Automata follow-up soon
    6. The Sims 5 devs “definitely” want to have multiplayer, are looking at Animal Crossing for inspiration
    7. How to use Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3
    8. It’s practically brand new, but the Crucial T500 SSD is already getting big Black Friday savings
    9. MW3 best Lachmann Shroud loadout
    10. Cities: Skylines 2's Expansion Pass DLC delayed while devs continue working on fixes
    11. US folk can get a stellar mechanical gaming keyboard for just $50 in the Black Friday sales
    12. Roguelite city-builder Against The Storm hits 1.0 and PC Game Pass this December
    13. "The Next Subnautica" aims to deliver underwater survival spooks in early 2025
    14. Kona 2's mystery and icy atmosphere work even if you're new
    15. MW3 armory unlocks
    16. MW3 best Holger 556 loadout
    17. The Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse is super cheap for Black Friday, because of course it is
    18. Elden Ring and Sekiro's excellent co-op mod maker is now making one for Armored Core 6
    19. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: You want screenshots? Here's screenshots!
    20. Dragon's Dogma 2 has an "info-packed" showcase this month, and a possible March 2024 release date
    21. Grab Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller for £40/$45 after a 30% Black Friday discount
    22. Grab Logitech's G Pro X Superlight wireless mouse for £90 after a £50 discount
    23. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Nov 20)
    24. Wordle hint and answer #884 (November 20 2023)
    1. AMD's Ryzen 7 7800X3D drops to just £330 in the UK or $369 in the US
    2. Logitech's legendary MX Master 3S office mouse has dropped to £82 at Amazon UK
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Wordle hint and answer #883 (November 19 2023)
    5. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Nov 19)
    1. All of Half-Life's textures were created by a single person, new making-of documentary explains
    2. First-person wizard shooter Immortals Of Aveum now has a demo
    3. Half-Life is Steam Deck verified with new multiplayer maps for its 25th anniversary
    4. What are we all playing this weekend?
    5. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Nov 18)
    6. Wordle hint and answer #882 (November 18 2023)
    1. In praise of labyrinthine game design
    2. Cute critter café sim Zipp's Café is Coffee Talk via Backbone, with a bit of Cook, Serve, Delicious! on top
    3. I don’t need Baldur’s Gate 3’s physical Deluxe Edition but, gods, do I want it
    4. Assassin’s Creed Mirage will get New Game Plus and permadeath modes in a free update next month
    5. Annapurna might be entering their own acquisition age after buying Gone Home, Neon White and Cocoon co-devs
    6. My kitten has a new favourite video game
    7. Occult mysteries and sapphic yearnings abound in Long Live The Queen dev's recent(ish) visual novel
    8. MW3 best MX Guardian loadout
    9. Small Saga review: a short, story-heavy RPG that's light on challenge
    10. New roguelike Realm of Ink is Hades by way of Chinese mythology
    11. This micro citybuilder is a high rise delight
    12. MW3 best Rival-9 loadout
    13. MW3 best MTZ-556 loadout
    14. MW3 best Tempus Razorback loadout
    15. MW3 best SVA 545 loadout
    16. MW3 best KV Inhibitor loadout
    17. One of the original Mass Effect writers is making a sci-fi near-future action-adventure
    18. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer review: a tiring nostalgia trip
    19. 34 years later, space sim Krellan Commander is back with a 2.0 release that's sort of FTL meets Dwarf Fortress
    20. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Nov 17)
    21. Wordle hint and answer #881 (November 17 2023)
    1. MW3 best Chimera loadout
    2. This gorgeous, earthy Fractal Design Terra SFF PC case is $30 off at B&H Photo in the US
    3. Pick up HYTE's Revolt 3 SFF PC case with 700W 80+ Gold SFX PSU for just $110
    4. EA have removed Rocket Arena from sale without much warning
    5. Kaiserpunk is an alt-history blend of grand strategy and citybuilder
    6. PowerWash Simulator's Back To The Future DLC is out now
    7. Arma Reforger, Bohemia's bridge towards Arma 4, has left Early Access
    8. The Steam Deck OLED is out now and ready to ship immediately
    9. Modern Warfare 3 maps list
    10. Best guns in Modern Warfare 3
    11. Best Battle Rifle in Modern Warfare 3
    12. Best Sniper in Modern Warfare 3
    13. MW3 best AMR9 loadout
    14. Get 20% off annual RPS Premium and Standard subscriptions for Black Friday
    15. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 38: The risky business of free-to-play
    16. Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3
    17. Same-screen multiplayer game Bopl Battle is Towerfall with slimes, growth rays and black holes
    18. MW3 best ISO Hemlock loadout
    19. Loddlenaut review: a cute, but simple ocean clean-up adventure
    20. MW3 best FR Avancer loadout
    21. Gearbox and Crystal Dynamics owner Embracer report 900 layoffs during "one of our strongest quarters for new releases ever"
    22. Best MCW loadout in Modern Warfare 3
    23. Killstreaks vs Scorestreaks in Modern Warfare 3
    24. Best MW3 Tyr loadout and class setup
    25. How to level up fast in Modern Warfare 3
    26. Rocksteady's first Suicide Squad dev diary restores a bit of trust, but fundamental issues remain
    27. MW3 best DG-58 loadout
    28. MW3 best Haymaker loadout
    29. Wordle hint and answer #880 (November 16 2023)
    30. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Nov 16)
    1. Witcher Remake devs’ promising paranormal detective RPG The Thaumaturge slides back to a 2024 release
    2. A former EverQuest producer, WoW vets and Elden Ring devs are making an MMO filled with AI-generated NPCs
    3. What's better: double-jumping or limitless inventory capacity?
    4. Slay the Spire, Signalis and Unpacking publishers Humble are the next video game makers to suffer layoffs
    5. Strategy games are no longer limited by the "stigma" of being "Smart Man's Games", says Ara developer
    6. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection’s latest official fix doesn’t fix much, but it's something
    7. Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master review: a valiant parody of a satire-proof genre
    8. 505 Games parent Digital Bros lays off 30% of staff due to fears that players don't want new IP
    9. MW3 best RPK loadout
    10. CD Projekt announce free Witcher 3 mod editor for release in 2024
    11. American Arcadia review: a stylish, cinematic neo-Truman Show platformer
    12. MW3 best TAQ-56 loadout
    13. MW3 best LA-B 330 loadout
    14. Turn-based strategy game Howl, aka Into The Breach as an illuminated manuscript, is out now
    15. MW3 best DM56 loadout
    16. MW3 best FTAC Recon loadout
    17. Larian CEO is "frightened" by Baldur's Gate 3's success but it's "very motivating" for "our next big game"
    18. Best MW3 DG-58 LSW loadout and class setup
    19. Best tactical equipment in Modern Warfare 3
    20. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Nov 15)
    21. Wordle hint and answer #879 (November 15 2023)
    1. Escape From Tarkov is adding vaulting, revised recoil, and new guns
    2. Cities: Skylines 2's editor tools are still a couple of months away
    3. Rhythmic hiking game from the makers of 80 Days will launch next month
    4. Minecraft update 1.21 players are doing all kinds of crazy things with the new Breeze mob
    5. This RTX 4070 + Ryzen 7600X prebuilt gaming PC is cheaper than building it yourself
    6. Persona 5 Tactica review: middling turn-based strategy built for Persona-likers
    7. Edifier's great value R1700BTs speakers are down to $140 at Amazon US
    8. How Bit Reactor's Star Wars game hopes to do for strategy what Baldur's Gate 3's done for RPGs
    9. The first original Invincible videogame, starring Atom Eve, is out today
    10. Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: Big head, big laser
    11. Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin review: a decent RTS heavy on micromanagement
    12. MW3 best WSP Swarm loadout
    13. Jusant and Shadow Of The Colossus lovers should try Chasing The Unseen's expanded playtest
    14. How to unlock all Operators in MW3
    15. MW3 Zombies Solo mode
    16. Amazon Games cut 180 jobs shortly after Amazon report massive profits
    17. Shadows of Doubt modding tools will let you build cities and write your own murder mysteries
    18. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Nov 14)
    19. Wordle hint and answer #878 (November 14 2023)
    1. Logitech's $19 K400 Plus keeb is the perfect upgrade for media PCs, Steam Decks and sim racing rigs
    2. Upgrade your Steam Deck SSD storage to 1TB with this $46 Solidigm P41 2230 NVMe SSD
    3. Classic Jurassic Park games hit PC next week, bringing hope for the series’ most ambitious misfire to return
    4. Unity say layoffs “likely” as they recover from disastrous pricing plan rollout and look to AI for growth
    5. Modders polish Metal Gear Solid’s PC Master Collection with ultrawide support, sharper textures and more
    6. Starfield’s player count slips below Skyrim on Steam, just two months after Bethesda’s ‘biggest launch ever’
    7. CD Projekt quest designer discusses the "challenge" of developing Cyberpunk 2 for Unreal Engine
    8. How to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3
    9. Alan Wake devs Remedy reboot "Vanguard" shooter as premium game due to the "risks" of free-to-play
    10. Spirittea, a mix of Stardew Valley and Spirited Away, is out today on Steam and Game Pass
    11. Starfield's 'make everything cute' mod is just about the most horrifying thing I've ever seen
    12. Blizzard say the Diablo series is "extremely poised" for more experiments like the shift to open world
    13. MW3 best Striker 9 loadout
    14. MW3 best KVD Enforcer loadout
    15. Wordle hint and answer #877 (November 13 2023)
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Nov 13)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Wordle hint and answer #876 (November 12 2023)
    3. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Nov 12)
    1. Mob Factory mixes tower defense and factory automation in a cute, horrific mix
    2. A fifteen year open source effort to remake Dungeon Keeper just hit 1.0
    3. I guess I only want to play old school racing games now
    4. What are we all playing this weekend?
    5. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Nov 11)
    6. Wordle hint and answer #875 (November 11 2023)
    1. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide will celebrate its first birthday with a new mission and zone
    2. Play and make platformer levels inspired by a cruel freeware classic
    3. How one of the finest RPGs ever made thinks about money and magic
    4. Watch Resistor's colourful blend of RPG dialogue and vehicular melee combat
    5. Warframe devs lay off publishing team, no longer involved with Wayfinder
    6. Best loadouts in Modern Warfare 3
    7. Ask RPS: what is your favorite co-op gaming memory?
    8. MW3 best KATT-AMR loadout
    9. GTA 6 publisher CEO thinks videogame prices are "very, very low" for what they offer
    10. This fake video game in Criminal Minds led banned players to hijack a schoolbus and I'm fascinated
    11. What's your favourite PS1-demake game?
    12. MW3 best FR 5.56 loadout
    13. Modern Warfare 3 weapon stats
    14. MW3 best Fennec 45 loadout
    15. Next WoW expansion introduces paid early access, but Blizzard promise it'll offer "no long-term advantage"
    16. Modern Warfare 3 was a crunch-driven 16 month project that began as a Mexico-set spin-off, according to reports
    17. Is the Steam Deck OLED worth the upgrade? A Switch OLED coveter decides
    18. MW3 best FJX Imperium loadout and class setup
    19. MW3 best Bryson 890 loadout
    20. MW3 best Pulemyot loadout
    21. MW3 best Lachmann-556 loadout
    22. MW3 best Kastov-74u loadout
    23. MW3 best MCPR-300 loadout
    24. MW3 best M16 loadout
    25. How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3
    26. MW3 best Lockwood 680 loadout
    27. Best LMG in Modern Warfare 3
    28. MW3 best 556 Icarus loadout
    29. The best killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3
    30. MW3 best MTZ Interceptor loadout
    31. The best gear in Modern Warfare 3
    32. The best perks in Modern Warfare 3
    33. The best vest in Modern Warfare 3
    34. Modern Warfare 3 best FOV settings
    35. MW3 best STB 556 loadout
    36. MW3 best Vaznev-9K loadout
    37. MW3 best Vel 46 loadout
    38. Modern Warfare 3 weapon list
    39. MW3 best Longbow loadout
    40. MW3 best Carrack .300 loadout
    41. MW3 best Kastov 545 loadout
    42. MW3 best Kastov 762 loadout
    43. MW3 best Crossbow loadout
    44. MW3 best FSS Hurricane loadout
    45. Best Shotgun in Modern Warfare 3
    46. MW3 best M13B loadout
    47. MW3 best Basilisk loadout
    48. MW3 best BAS-P loadout
    49. MW3 best Riveter loadout
    50. Best MW3 WSP Stinger loadout and class setup
    51. Best MW3 Renetti loadout and class setup
    52. Best lethal equipment in Modern Warfare 3
    53. The best field equipment in Modern Warfare 3
    54. Best Pistol in Modern Warfare 3
    55. Best MW3 MTZ-762 loadout and class setup
    56. MW3 best Bryson 800 loadout
    57. MW3 best Striker loadout
    58. MW3 best Lockwood 300 loadout
    59. MW3 best quickscope loadout
    60. MW3 best M4 loadout
    61. MW3 best Lachmann Sub loadout
    62. MW3 best TR-76 Geist loadout
    63. The best gloves in Modern Warfare 3
    64. Best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare 3
    65. The best boots in Modern Warfare 3
    66. Wordle hint and answer #874 (November 10 2023)
    67. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Nov 10)
    1. 2D roguelike remaster Risk Of Rain Returns is out now
    2. Braid: Anniversary Edition will finally release next year with 15 hours of commentary
    3. Starfield's protagonist almost sounded like party members Sam Coe and Andreja
    4. Teardown's wild west expansion will arrive next week
    5. Samsung's 980 Pro 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD has dropped to $103 at Amazon US
    6. Get HP's Victus 15 gaming laptop for £850 after a £350 price cut
    7. With the Steam Deck OLED and its "awesome" rivals, Valve see a bright future for handheld PCs
    8. The Steam Deck battery life guide: games tested and how to extend it
    9. The best microSD cards for the Steam Deck
    10. The Steam Deck OLED is here, but Valve say not to expect a true next-gen Steam Deck "for a long time"
    11. Steam Deck OLED review: not the Steam Deck 2, but the next best thing
    12. Valve announce the Steam Deck OLED with an upgraded screen and longer battery life
    13. Every Call of Duty campaign ranked
    14. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign review: the Price is wrong
    15. Modern Warfare 3 disappointment has COD players hankering for the grand old days of Infinite Warfare
    16. Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name review: a rebirth marred by repetition
    17. Aussie Fallout RPG Broken Roads delayed at last minute to playtest "thousands of permutations"
    18. How Slay The Spire saved digital card games from stagnation
    19. GTA 6 publisher CEO doubts AI generation tools will make games more profitable or cheaper
    20. Latest Starfield update fixes one of the game's biggest annoyances - eating stuff - while adding DLSS
    21. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Nov 9)
    22. Wordle hint and answer #873 (November 9 2023)
    1. Intel's Core i5 12600KF CPU is down to just $155 at Walmart (fulfilled by Newegg)
    2. This QD-OLED ultrawide Alienware gaming monitor is down to £739 at Dell UK
    3. Beyond Sunset is a gloriously cyberpunk mix of classic Doom and Deus Ex soaked in blood and neon
    4. Assassin’s Creed makers Ubisoft continue 2023’s gutting of the games industry as they lay off over 100 staff
    5. Five years after it took on Steam, Epic Games Store is yet to make a penny of profit
    6. The biggest question GTA 6 has to answer is: what to do about GTA Online?
    7. TimeSplitters devs Free Radical are reportedly the next Embracer studio facing closure
    8. Reality Bytes: The 7th Guest VR is a sumptuously spooky remake
    9. Cobalt Core review: rootin' tootin' timeloop space shootin'
    10. What's better: auto-level up, or auto-detect graphics settings?
    11. The first GTA 6 trailer will launch in early December 2023, Rockstar confirm
    12. Bright and breezy horror hotel thingy Roman Sands RE:Build gets an intoxicating demo
    13. Modern Warfare 3 release time
    14. BioWare release new Mass Effect 5 "Epsilon" trailer while hinting about Mass Effect 3 connections
    15. Wordle hint and answer #872 (November 8 2023)
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Nov 8)
    1. Pay $32 for a brand-new full-size HyperX mechanical keyboard
    2. Save up to 75% on an utterly brilliant Glorious mechanical keyboard or ultra-light mouse in their BF sale
    3. Night in the Woods co-creators' next game cancelled amid "serious health issues"
    4. Lexar's NM790 4TB NVMe SSD is on sale again, this time at £198
    5. Dell's 27-inch 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor, once £299, is now just £179
    6. Co-op voxel survival 'em up Enshrouded will release in January
    7. This 4-way individually-switched extension lead is down to £7.52
    8. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2's first confirmed playable race is the Brujah, again
    9. Left 4 Dead's retro sci-fi cousin The Anacrusis will leave early access in December
    10. Letter From The Editor #13: The Advent Calendar cometh
    11. Chivalry 2 is back with a self-explanatory Last Peasant Standing mode and Montcrux castle map
    12. The Talos Principle 2 review: masterful puzzles that will make your head spin with dizzying delight
    13. Laid-off Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Mass Effect devs mark N7 Day by protesting outside BioWare HQ
    14. Reports of a Silent Hill 2 remake "Pyramid Head origin story" fill me with the wrong kind of horror
    15. "Players have no patience", says Blizzard president - "they want new stuff every day, every hour"
    16. Wordle hint and answer #871 (November 7 2023)
    17. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Nov 7)
    1. It looks like Baldur’s Gate 3 might be getting a permadeath mode
    2. Cities: Skylines 2 won’t get paid DLC until its performance issues are sorted, devs say
    3. Fortnite’s Season OG brought back its original map last week - and a record-breaking 44m players came with it
    4. Star Trek Online and Neverwinter MMO devs Cryptic are the next Embracer-owned studio to suffer layoffs
    5. Microsoft adopt Inworld AI tech behind blocked GTA5 mod to "enrich" videogame narrative and character creators
    6. The cat-and-mouse creation of Hunt: Showdown, and why there may never be a Hunt 2
    7. My car-free Cities: Skylines 2 dream inevitably devolved into a cruel endurance test
    8. RPS Game Club will return again in January 2024
    9. Modern Warfare 3 Gora Dam item locations
    10. Modern Warfare 3 Highrise item locations
    11. Modern Warfare 3 Oligarch item locations
    12. Modern Warfare 3 Crash Site item locations
    13. Modern Warfare 3 Reactor item locations
    14. Modern Warfare 3 Precious Cargo item locations
    15. Modern Warfare 3 mission list
    16. Puzzmo is great new daily puzzle hub for your browser, but the crosswords are very US-centric
    17. The Finals is a gloriously destructive shooter that's too frantic for its own good
    18. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Kicking in doors and clicking on shoes
    19. Devolver hire Portal's GLaDOS to Let's Play their Portal-esque puzzler The Talos Principle 2
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    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Nov 5)
    3. Wordle hint and answer #869 (November 5 2023)
    1. Overwatch 2's next hero is available to try this weekend
    2. Boiling Point: Road To Hell, one of the most delightfully buggy games ever, returns this month
    3. Diablo 4's first expansion revives Diablo 2's Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred
    4. World Of Warcraft's next three expansions have been announced, starting with The War Within
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Nov 4)
    7. Wordle hint and answer #868 (November 4 2023)
    1. Most fake games in movies and TV are ridiculous, but this horror nails a spooky 90s browser game
    2. Honkai: Star Rail heads to The Crepuscule Zone with three new characters and a spooky event in Version 1.5
    3. Former World of Warcraft and League of Legends MMO developer is working on another new fantasy MMORPG
    4. Fortnite OG is here, bringing back planes, hamster balls, Tilted Towers and more over the next four weeks
    5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 chops much-disliked Weapon Tuning feature following community blowback
    6. Diablo is getting a board game and tabletop RPG that will “continue the lore and story” of the video games
    7. Vampire Survivors Adventures update adds story modes, defying God and Man
    8. Don't miss this exquisite 15 minute setpiece in Alan Wake 2
    9. GeoDepths is digging and smelting, but good
    10. We challenged Final Fantasy XIV fans to real-life Triple Triad matches to celebrate 10 years of the MMO
    11. Come and chat all things Starfield with us in today's RPS Game Club liveblog
    12. Operate strange machinery in these great free horror games
    13. The Silent Swan, a first-person mystery game with a huge Bloodborne-esque open world, is out now
    14. New Counter-Strike 2 update adds workshop features, removes birds which players kept mistaking for grenades
    15. Chunks is the perfect symbol for Starfield: square, mildly unholy, but still quietly fascinating
    16. Activision defend Modern Warfare 3's larger install size, promising to shrink it before launch
    17. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Nov 3)
    18. Wordle hint and answer #867 (November 3 2023)
    1. Cult '90s JRPG Star Ocean: The Second Story R arrives on PC today
    2. The Sims 4 will finally let you be a predatory landlord or a tenant dying from mould
    3. Payday 3's first patch is here, with lots of minor fixes
    4. One of the best shoot 'em ups ever just arrived on Steam
    5. A quick look at Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader's six player co-op
    6. Football Manager 2024 review: One last iteration of the most comprehensive management sim going
    7. An English Haunting's spooky demo makes me wish it was out right now
    8. Silent Hill: Ascension, live now, is a free-to-play disaster with some promising ideas
    9. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 37: lending an ear to The Finals' AI voices
    10. This detective puzzle game requires a lot of meticulous collecting of receipts
    11. The Invincible review: missteps hold back this (space)walking sim
    12. RoboCop: Rogue City review: a good RoboCop game, but a middling FPS
    13. If Baldur's Gate 3 is too vast, try co-op-friendly 30 hour fantasy RPG For The King 2, which launches today
    14. The next wave of indie horror games takes cues from classic survival horror
    15. Shout your dog's name into your microphone to find him in this horror game
    16. Latest Baldur's Gate 3 update adds colour-blind settings, hireling customisation and best of all, sponge baths
    17. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Nov 2)
    18. Wordle hint and answer #866 (November 2 2023)
    1. What's better: ghosts walking through walls, or soulslike bloodstains?
    2. Capcom is worried that mods “offensive to public order and morals” will ‘tarnish’ the rep of their PC games
    3. Of course Lies of P is getting a sequel after selling a million copies
    4. Devolver have bought Astroneer devs System Era
    5. Steam’s most wishlisted - and controversial - game The Day Before will release next month, after another delay
    6. My favourite cheap wireless mouse is down to £30 for Black Friday
    7. This 42-inch LG C3 OLED is £450 off - and makes for the ultimate large-format gaming monitor
    8. Get a 27-inch 1440p 165Hz Dell monitor for just £175.75 with a coupon code
    9. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 36: the Frasier Fantasy video game, and other cool fanworks
    10. This Acer RTX 4070 gaming laptop is £400 off
    11. Alan Wake 2 review: singular, hyperbolic horror
    12. Thirsty Suitors review: a breezy, janky RPG with emotional maturity
    13. Best gaming monitors: the top 144Hz, 240Hz and 4K HDR displays
    14. Game design as a Harvesting: the implications of Amnesia's most horrible idea
    15. The best 4K gaming monitors
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