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Pay $32 for a brand-new full-size HyperX mechanical keyboard

I have this model and it's pretty awesome.

a full-size hyperx alloy origins mechanical gaming keyboard on a gradient background with rgb lighting and USB cable visible
Image credit: HP/Rock Paper Shotgun

Mechanical gaming keyboards used to be premium options available to very few, but now they often go on sale for extremely low prices - even from big names. Today HyperX joins that list of big-name bargains with their Alloy Origins full-size mechanical keyboard dropping to just $32 when bought from GameStop in the US, versus its original price of $109.99. That's a great bargain for a keyboard with red (soft linear) mechanical switches, optional RGB lighting and a high-quality metal chassis.

I actually tested this keyboard for Eurogamer back in the day, and I found it to be a great-looking and feeling option that cut a few corners to hit a moderate $110 price point but absolutely delivered on the core typing and gaming experience. The full-size layout is easy to use and easy to find replacement keycaps for if you want a different look or feel, while the soft linear red MX-style switches deliver a rapid response for gaming or typing.

The body is well-made too, chiefly being constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, and the whole thing hits a great balance between "gamer"-friendly touches (black, optional RGB lighting) and a more refined, professional design (rounded corners, minimal footprint, little ornamentation beyond a HyperX logo on one corner).

For $110, it was one option amongst many great contenders, but at $32 it's the finest keyboard we've ever seen at this price point - so check out some reviews, most of which will have been done at that original MSRP, and then consider whether this makes sense for you!

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