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Best MW3 Lockwood 680 loadout and class setup

Here's the very best Lockwood 680 in Modern Warfare 3

A close-up of the Lockwood 680 Shotgun in Modern Warfare 3.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

What is the best Lockwood 680 loadout in Modern Warfare 3? Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has the largest roster of guns ever seen in a Call Of Duty game at launch. But while most of the Shotguns in the game are familiar to those who played MW2, the Lockwood 680 is one of the rare extra shotties added specifically for MW3. So, is it any good?

It might not top our list of the best Shotguns in Modern Warfare 3, but the Lockwood 680 can be kitted out to deliver some devastating one-shot-kills with the right attachments. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to build the perfect Lockwood 680 loadout and class setup in MW3.

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Why use the Lockwood 680 in MW3?

The Lockwood 680 is a fairly easy to use, easy to understand pump-action Shotgun in Modern Warfare 3. It deals more than enough damage to one-shot-kill an enemy in close quarters, but you'll definitely need to invest some attachment slots in upgrading the gun's fairly substandard range in order to make it truly shine. If you're just getting to grips with the Lockwood 680, try out the below loadout and see what can be done with this formidable Shotgun.

Best Lockwood 680 loadout in MW3

  • Barrel: Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel
  • Stock: Sawed Off Mod
  • Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
  • Guard: Matuzek Lightbearer Ergo Guard
  • Bolt: Express Light Bolt

This particular Lockwood 680 loadout extends the range and rechambering speed as much as possible, making it far more reliable and forgiving to use than the base Shotgun. It's also very quick to move and shoot with thanks to the Sawed Off Mod, so you can stay on the move and keep up with the fast pace of Modern Warfare 3's core multiplayer matches.

Barrel: Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel

The Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel is an absolute must-have on the Lockwood 680, as it is the attachment that provides us with the biggest boost to the gun's range. By default, the range is where the Lockwood 680 suffers, so to make those one-shot-kills as consistent as possible, it's worth sacrificing a bit of Sprint-To-Fire speed (we'll recoup it with our next attachment anyway).

Stock: Sawed Off Mod

The Sawed Off Mod makes the Lockwood 680 incredibly light, fast, and easy to stay on the move with, giving us a huge boost to our Sprint-To-Fire speed, as well as ADS speed - and yes, you should be ADSing where possible with the Lockwood 680, because it greatly increases your consistency with one-shot-kills. The downside is the Lockwood 680 kicks like a mule with each shot, but, well... It's a pump-action Shotgun. We don't care all that much.

Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

The XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop Underbarrel attachment gives us some minor additional boosts to the Lockwood 680's Sprint-To-Fire speed and ADS speed, as well as just general movement speed. It's not nearly as noticeable a difference as the Sawed Off Mod, but the combination of both attachments really makes you feel like a speed demon with this Shotgun.

Guard: Matuzek Lightbearer Ergo Guard

The Guard is where you have a choice to make, because there are two good attachments to use here. On the whole we'd recommend the Matuzek Lightbearer Ergo Guard - it provides some small but useful boosts to the Lockwood 680's rechambering speed (allowing for quicker follow-up shots in case you don't kill with your first shot) and Sprint-To-Fire speed. But you can also opt for the Matuzek Xray Sekeltonized Guard, which gives you a similar boost to rechambering speed but also adds extra overall movement speed instead of the Lightbearer's Sprint-To-Fire speed. They're both great choices, so have a play around and see which you prefer.

Bolt: Express Light Bolt

Finally, the Express Light Bolt is a must-have attachment on the Lockwood 680. The aim is still to kill in one shot, but having the extra rechambering speed provided by this Bolt makes the gun just that much more forgiving, allowing you to deliver quicker follow-up shots to ensure the kill in case your first shot was just off-centre or out of lethal range.

Best Lockwood 680 class setup: Secondary weapon

MCW, M13B, Renetti, Basilisk.

Despite our Lockwood 680 loadout doing everything it can to boost the gun's range, it's still very much only for close quarters fighting. We'd highly recommend pairing up the Lockwood 680 with a full-auto gun that can help deal with targets at mid-range as well.

Our best recommendation is to pick up either the Gunner Vest or Overkill Vest so you can use either the MCW or the M13B as your secondary weapon. Both are among the best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3 at the moment, and they're very reliable and powerful at medium ranges.

If you're sticking with sidearms, there's the Renetti, which can be outfitted to essentially become an MP7. That does mean you'll be stuck with a very close-quarters loadout, so if that's not to your liking, you could also try out the punchy hand cannon that is the Basilisk.

Best Lockwood 680 class setup: Perks and Equipment

Semtex, Battle Rage, Overkill Vest, Ordnance Gloves, Covert Sneakers, Ghost T/V Camo.

As mentioned above, we'd recommend using the Overkill Vest with this Lockwood 680 class setup - as we would with most Shotgun loadouts in MW3 - so that you can run an Assault Rifle or other primary weapon alongside the Lockwood 680. Although the Gunner Vest will also do the job, we've picked the Overkill for its ability to reload while sprinting and quickly switch between the two weapons.

If you don't want to use the Overkill Vest, then equip the Infantry Vest for its Tac Sprint boost. After that you can use the stealthy double-whammy of the Covert Sneakers and Ghost T/V Camo to hide yourself from the enemy's UAVs and quieten your footstep audio.

For gloves, we recommend using the Ordnance Gloves as you'll already recieve the Quick-Grip and Command perk from the Overkill Vest. Additionally, the Ordnance Gloves will increase your range of throwables and give you the ability to reset timers on thrown-back grenades.

As for Lethal and Tactical throwables, Semtex and Battle Rage are the way to go. A well-placed Semtex is devastating in nearly any situation, and Battle Rage is a great item for recovering quickly after a messy close-quarters fight - which you'll be in plenty of while running this Lockwood 680 build!

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Best Lockwood 680 alternatives in Modern Warfare 3

Lockwood 300, KV Broadside, Bryson 800.

While the above loadout does a great job of making the Lockwood 680 as powerful and reliable as possible, the truth is there are some slightly better options out there in the Shotgun category. For a similar-feeling Shotgun, consider using the Bryson 800 for its slightly better range - but if you want the really powerful shotties, look no further than the Lockwood 300 and the KV Broadside.

That's all you need to know to build up the best possible Lockwood 680 loadout in Modern Warfare 3 right now. If you'd like a different approach to close-quarters combat, check out our guide to the best SMGs in MW3. Or for a wider view of the current gun meta, consult our guides on the best guns in Modern Warfare 3 and the best MW3 loadouts.

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